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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Let's talk about collections. When I was still in college I started being fascinated with eraser. I started collecting them and I had one big plastic bag full of different kinds of eraser. I guess I didn't take after my mom who had a whole lot of shoes when she was younger. Like most women, my mom loved a good pair of shoes and would make any excuses just to buy one that she would be great to add to her wardrobe. I love shoes but I don't buy lots of them and when I do buy it has to be of good quality. Before we left for our trip last July I scoured a lot of stores to find a specific shoe that I wanted. Just recently I came across Josef Seibel brand of shoes and I found the shoes I wanted, I wanted something that looks like a clog. Why that kind style? It's easy to take off and its easy to slip on and something that looks good with jeans. I just found a perfect pair that is not only cute but its also affordable. I'm talking about the Sofft Shoes of Sofft Women's Laurel Mule Clog in Tan color.

They also have Dr. Martens Shoes, I saw that is perfect for my husband. He is always in uniform, he needs new shoes that he can wear for work as well as for going out. With our Anniversary fast approaching maybe I'll buy him a pair of nice shoes so he can throw away his old uniform shoes. And I will ask my Step dad to take a look at the site and see if he likes the Keen Newport sandals as a late birthday present.

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