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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


With time tick, tick ,ticking it was important for my husband to make sure that both our girls have life insurance as well as us. I really never thought about life insurance and the possibility of buying immediate annuities until Ralph discussed how important it was. When Ralph had his neck surgery he was very very worried. Afraid that in the even that something would happen to him he wants to make sure that we will be taken cared of. It used to rattle and scare me when Ralph and my MIL talk about life insurance. It was like they were talking about dying. That all changed when my youngest was born. I had to step up and really pay close attention and get involve in the discussion. For now, Ralph is happy with what we got but I'm sure he still has something up his sleeve. He will move heaven and earth to make sure things fall into place and he also wants to make sure he makes the right decision for our future.


Finally, TLC is canceled Kate plus 8. I really enjoyed watching it the first couple of years. As the the years went on and as Kate grew to be more and more addicted to the spotlight I lost interest. I used to admire her courage, her organization and how she was with the kids. However I always cringed every time I saw how dominating she was towards her husband. I feel so sorry for John and I think they are better off divorce. Kate loves her kids for sure but she also loves the limelight. She said that if she had to go back to nursing she would do it but it won't be something that she wants to do. Her reasons were that she will see her kids lesser than what she is doing now. I think Kate has gotten used to doing it easy. Sponsored vacations, trips, things and etc. People are now question what will happen to her kids. Her kids will survive but I know Kate will do just about anything to stay in the limelight. I just hope that her kids will stay grounded and healthy.


It has been e weeks since that start of the new school year 2011-2012. Things are kind of slowing down as I got both girls settled back into a routine. Since I am not baby sitting anymore, my day is spent trying to clean up the house and teaching Kaitlyn as well. We are very hopeful that this year Kayla will do excellent in her academic endeavor. She has already told us that she wants to get on the honor roll. We encouraged her to reach for that and told her to do her beast no matter what. Every 3 months their school has this student day where trophies and awards are given to special kids that work extra hard. It would be nice to see Kayla receive any award but we are not putting pressure on her. We just tell her not to give up and to keep trying no matter what happens. I can see the big improvement in my oldest and I know for a fact that is she keeps studying hard she can do and achieve whatever she wants. All she needs is encouragement, love and patience.


With everyone gearing up for school its safe to say that you can find amazing deals on laptops,desktop computers, school supplies and of course back to school clothes. We are still on the lucky end that we won't need a new laptop since our oldest is only in the third grade. However, I have been looking into buying a new laptop or netbook for my sister in the Philippines. They have a desktop computer and a very old laptop but my mom is currently travelling from two different cities to take care of her mother. She needs something to use so we can keep in touch. Hopefully I can save enough to get them a new laptop. As for other school supplies we can forgo it this year. I found a whole bunch of pencils, erasers, marker, notebook, and crayons to last us about 5 years. If my husband buys another pack of pencil, I am going to stab him with it, lol. But seriously I don't think we need to buy any school supplies for Kayla this year. As for back to school clothes, that is another story.

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