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Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween is just among one of themost anticipated event that most children look forward to. Getting to wear costume, trick or treating, decorating the house for halloween and of course the consumption of candies with parents permission,lol. This year it was just the three of us, Ralph, Kaitlyn and ME. It was Kayal's turn to spend her Halloween with her mom this year. We missed her a lot but I know she is still having fun with her mom.

This year Kaitlyn was dressed up as a swash buckling, rebel little pirate. I never planned for her to get dressed up as a pirate. I was just checking out some outfit when I saw the one for her. The pirate costume just screamed Kaitlyn all over it and fit her personality to a T.

Meet Captain Kaitlyn the Pirate, the newest captain of the Black Pearl :

Ahoy there me matey!!!! You be looking for me? Harr, harr , harr!!!
Shiver me timbers, where be my scurvy dog of a crew? I best be headin out to search the sea of houses for me booty of teeth decaying sweets I be calling candies....
Ahoy there you scallawag, I be getting this ship sailin before other scurvy dog of a Pirate get a hold of me treasures.
Aha! Could this be fine fellow be a pirate in disguise? Harr, harr, harr, never ye mind he be part of me slave from now on.
Aye! I be hittin the mother load of all booty, behold my loot! Ye be keepin yer filthy hands of me candies or else I be force to let you walk the plank. Father or not nobody steals from Captain Kaitlyn arr, arr!


Booooo!!! Halloween and Trick or Treat is finally over and done with. Now I feel like I can relax and not worry about another occasion for a while. But wait, Thanksgiving is just around the corner saying gobble, gobble. There goes my stress level again going up. Thankfully Thanksgiving dinner won't be at our house which is a blessing. Larry, Ralph's brother will be hosting this years dinner. I love my family but this year has been just craaazzzy. A lot of family affairs, get together, party or whatever else you may call it happened here at our house. Do you know that after each gatherings MIL and I always feel like taking a vacation. Where would we go? How about a Mexico vacation,Outer Banks vacations,Hawaii vacation or somewhere really exotic? That all seems far out but it could happen, lol.

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