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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Mother's day have come and gone. I got a great present for Mother's day from my hubby. Now its my turn to find that perfect Father's day gifts that will make any father smile. If I know my husband he would just say that I don't need to get him anything, as long as his kids are healthy and we are happy that is enough of a present for him. For now, I am already on the look out for the perfect gift. I don't usually give my husband present on Father's day but I want to be different this year. Finding out what he want is going to be hard. Ahah! I just had a light bulb moment, lol. He only has one sandal to wear on the summer season so I am getting him another pair. If not, I will just have to keep on fishing for what he really wants, he will eventually let it slip out. I will just have to be sneaky about it.


I am so relieved to find out that I have paid of my credit card. I thought that I still had a remaining balance but I was wrong. So far I think I have a perfect credit score, I have not missed one single payment. Ralph has been reminding me to keep track of my payment since I am still building up my credit history. I wonder if I try free credit report and find out what my score is. Ralph said I should at least wait 3 more months before we try to get my credit history. As long as I keep track on paying on time and keeping track of my spending I should be alright. For now I am just happy that I paid off my credit card, I am hoping to get another raise on my credit line though. Maybe they will give me an increase next month, if won't matter if they wont increase it.


I have been so busy today. Andrew, Ralph nephew got down to business early this morning by pulling out the old fence we had and digging them up. I had to go with him to Lowe's to get some concrete to put on the base on the ground for the fence. Kaitlyn and I were useless to him at Lowe's, we only went with him for the reason that I had to pay for the stuff in case they won't accept returns for the hinges that Andrew bought for the fence at Lowe's in New Jersey. Thankfully they gave us the money back and he did not have to need me for the debit card at all. Andrew knows a whole lot of other stuff, he is what we call " Jack of all Trades". He would probably make a lot of money that involves in and out of the house. He could get an energy auditor certification since he wants to know more . Andrew knows that he has to work extra hard now so he can provide a better future for his son and we are all so happy to see that he is doing just that. One weekends he tries to get extra jobs like doing manual stuff for additional income. I can tell that Ralph is very proud of Andrew and hopes that he will improve more. Anyway, by tomorrow all he has to do is put up the gates and our fence will be complete.


My cellphone in pieces. Somebody ran over my phone when it accidentally fell without my knowledge at ShopRite parking space. We were at ShopRite getting stuff for the bbq tomorrow. I put my phone in my sweater. We took the Jaguar instead of the Van today. The Jaguar is low so I figured my phone must have slip out as I was getting in the car. We were already half way home when I noticed my phone was missing. We could not find it in the car and thought it was in the trunk but it wasn't. I kept calling it hoping that I left it at the store but it would go to my voice mail. I told my MIL we had to go back for my phone, as soon as we got to where we parked I saw my phone in pieces under a car. I felt ready to cry coz I had a lot of pictures of the kids on my phone. When we got home I told Ralph right away, he said that he will take me to the Mall tomorrow to get a new phone. His old phone that Kaitlyn washed in the dog's water bowl is still working so I told him that I will just use that instead of getting a new one. Still, he wants me to check out the other phone at the Mall. I hope I could get my pictures back but I doubt it. It was stupid of me to have put my phone in my sweater pocket, I usually put it in my bag but I was so busy today that I just forgot. By this time tomorrow I will have a new phone.

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