The Designers Chic

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Mother's day have come and gone. I got a great present for Mother's day from my hubby. Now its my turn to find that perfect Father's day gifts that will make any father smile. If I know my husband he would just say that I don't need to get him anything, as long as his kids are healthy and we are happy that is enough of a present for him. For now, I am already on the look out for the perfect gift. I don't usually give my husband present on Father's day but I want to be different this year. Finding out what he want is going to be hard. Ahah! I just had a light bulb moment, lol. He only has one sandal to wear on the summer season so I am getting him another pair. If not, I will just have to keep on fishing for what he really wants, he will eventually let it slip out. I will just have to be sneaky about it.



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