The Designers Chic

Saturday, May 29, 2010


My cellphone in pieces. Somebody ran over my phone when it accidentally fell without my knowledge at ShopRite parking space. We were at ShopRite getting stuff for the bbq tomorrow. I put my phone in my sweater. We took the Jaguar instead of the Van today. The Jaguar is low so I figured my phone must have slip out as I was getting in the car. We were already half way home when I noticed my phone was missing. We could not find it in the car and thought it was in the trunk but it wasn't. I kept calling it hoping that I left it at the store but it would go to my voice mail. I told my MIL we had to go back for my phone, as soon as we got to where we parked I saw my phone in pieces under a car. I felt ready to cry coz I had a lot of pictures of the kids on my phone. When we got home I told Ralph right away, he said that he will take me to the Mall tomorrow to get a new phone. His old phone that Kaitlyn washed in the dog's water bowl is still working so I told him that I will just use that instead of getting a new one. Still, he wants me to check out the other phone at the Mall. I hope I could get my pictures back but I doubt it. It was stupid of me to have put my phone in my sweater pocket, I usually put it in my bag but I was so busy today that I just forgot. By this time tomorrow I will have a new phone.



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