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Monday, May 4, 2009


As a father Ralph is a big advocate for Education. Our oldest Kayla is in Kindergarten and has only missed one day of school and it was due to circumstances that had something to do with her mom. I happily tell my relatives in NJ how smart my kids are and how patient Ralph is when it comes to teaching and helping do home works. I have a cousin in NJ that just graduated high school and is now picking a school for college. And with that comes decision about money matters pertaining to cost of education. My grandmother has been telling me that my aunt and uncle has been very busy checking out schools and of course helping their daughter get the right student loans. Ralph nephew Andrew is back in school but I wonder if he got the most out of his student loan. I should call him tomorrow and tell him about this student loan network that can help him with finding right student loan resources for his student loans.


This is my little princess bruiser. Its been her habit to smell the food she is about to eat first before taking a bite. I gave her a piece of our left over corn from yesterday. As soon as I gave it to her it went directly to her nose, lol.. She did enjoy munching on her corn and like a good girl she went over to the kitchen, grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth. Sometimes I wonder how she got so smart, she acts like she is 18 months going on 5, lol. Children are so precious and Im one lucky mom to two smart girls..


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