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Thursday, May 31, 2012


On another note, I am extremely glad that the warm weather is here to stay! The weather has just been so nice and warm that I didn't need any jacket or sweater when walking my oldest daughter to the bus stop early in the morning. I love the burst of hot air, reminds me of my country where its almost 80 degrees and above all year long, lol. Enough about that.  I have also gotten my summer clothes out and that includes fashion accessories.
My 2 favorite set of accessories are my silver jewelry and my gold jewelry consisting of necklace, bracelet and rings.I also have other fashion accessories made from beads and what not. Wearing accessories is one way of sprucing up your outfit  without costing you an arm and a leg. So if your on a budget but still want to look fashionable and want to dress up your outfit, get a couple of inexpensive jewelry and make it work!


One of the reason why I have been dragging my feet updating my blog is my depression. For 4 years now, I have been struggling with infertility. Well, I already had a baby and she is turning 5 this October. We have been trying to get pregnant and nothing seems to be happening. Its very very depressing and it gets more depressing when friends and family around you are getting pregnant with a drop of the hat. I am very happy for them but I am also crying deep inside. If you are going to say to take my time or maybe its not the right time, please save it. I have heard so many advice and it doesn't really help. Part of my brain processes all those advice but my heart cannot or is not able to accept the fact that I am not getting pregnant. The longing I feel inside is so strong that It takes over my mind and my whole body. Depression is an ugly thing and its hard to shake off.

Some days I am so happy and content that I forget about trying to get pregnant but 90% of the time it's all I think about. The longing and heartache is specially strong when I see an infant. My coupon buddy Allison knows how much I have been longing for a new baby. She was hesitant to tell me that she was pregnant but finally told me. I am happy for her but I wanted to yell and scream at the same time. My heart felt so broken, I had to force a smile. I am so glad she understands me. I don't want to be depress and sad anymore but I just can't help it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh no!

I can't believe its been a month since my last update. I use to love blogging and update my blogs regularly. I guess I am feeling burned out. I do love to write and blog about the daily happening in my family's life but at the same time I get so lazy sitting down and putting them into words. There is no excuse for my neglect. A lot has happened within the month and I intend to write all about it. I just hope I don't bore my followers and readers with my story telling,lol.

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