The Designers Chic

Friday, October 15, 2010


I am in a look out for a good electronic and gadget sale. Why you may ask? My husband's birthday is coming up fast and I have yet to find the perfect gift for him. My husband only wants one thing for his birthday and that is he gets an ice cream cake. I have told him a million times that Kaitlyn was my gift to me almost 3 years ago and will continue to be my gift for the next 15 years,lol. But seriously, I want to get him something that can put a smile on his face. I'm not really into gadget and electronics but I'm pretty sure I can find something, perhaps more of those hard drives. Knowing my husband he will just say not to worry about him and instead of buying for him to just buy something for Kaitlyn who happens to share his birth date,lol.

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