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Friday, September 30, 2011


Did you know that after surgery I didn't take the medication that was prescribed to me. Its safe to say that I was scared of taking any pain medication and getting addicted to them. Aside from that I wasn't sure about the side effects and how its was going to make me feel while on the pain medication. To top it off I was told my my MIL and husband not to take pain medication if I don't need it. You could say they were afraid of me getting addicted. My MIL have tried so many pain medication due to her RA and she does not want me to be dependent on any drugs. When I got my prescription they made sure it wasn't methadone. They said that Methadone is a highly addictive drug used for pain medication. I didn't really pay Ralph any mind until I took one of the pain medication I got. It was horrible! I felt so drugged up,confused and nauseaus. It took me almost the whole day to finally be back to myself. No wonder there are methadone detox rehab treatment center for those dependent on the drug. It can be something that a person can get addicted to, but not for me. I am pretty sure of that!

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