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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yesterday was week 7 double elimination for Dancing with the Stars. Have you seen how thos professional dancers looks? They are just slim,fit and hot hot hot. Looking at them makes me want to loose weight so much more. I have even thought about taking diet pills to help me out. I guess I will have to look at alli reviews to see how the pills work. But anyhow lets go back to the elimination. The bottom 3 consisted of Aaron, Michael and Mark.Michael Irvin and dance partner Anna first got eliminated. I think Michael improved so much and he looked like he had so much fun and was just out there to dance and enjoy. The two other contestant Mark and Aaron battled it out for one last dance hoping for the judges vote to save them. Mark danced the Cha-cha while Aaron did the jive. I knew right away that the judges were going to save Aaron. It was a pity though that Mark had to go. I am not a big Aaron fan but this is what I can say, he takes it way way way to seriously and it was ridiculous when he said to Mark before the dance off " don't take this personally?". Are you kidding me Aaron, it seems to me your the one that is taking this personal,lol. I cant wait for next week when all the remaining contestant have a chance to do 2 dance routine. I hope Mya and hunky Demetri get 10's....


Part of the American dream is having a house you can call your own. When I got here the house had already been bought, the transfer was done but the packing was not over yet. Both Ralph and I are lucky enough to have a house that in a few years time will really be ours. I have always wondered though what manufactured home are like inside. My husband said its no different from our house and they are built to last. Homes like that are built to meet the standards of Department of House and Urban Development. Therefore those houses are safe, durable and they do look very homey.

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