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Friday, September 17, 2010


Beauty is only skin deep but, it doesn't hurt to have great looking skin. Having great flawless and even skin tone is really a plus. A woman with great skin even wearing little make up will still stand out and look great. As teenager I was not plagued with acne, sure I had small break out here and there but nothing to really panic about. Ralph's niece just turned 18 this year and I am concern about her face. I can see that she has break out and a couple of acne's on her face. I have been telling her about some acne treatments that she can get. It's very important that she take care of the problem while its still at a minimum. Besides, taking care of oneself doesn't automatically make us vain. Investing on our skin and face will pay off in the future. I have encouraged her to really start doing treatments for it and also with her brother. Yes, pimples and breakout is part of growing up but that doesn't mean you can't get treatment for them. We are all prisoners of out skin and we might as well make the best out of it.


Have you guys been to Ross Dress For Less? It is such and awesome store with great buys. I was there with the kids a couple of days ago. I had to be on a look out for a nice dress for a wedding we are going. This is the second wedding in two months. Browsing through racks and racks of clothes can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Some dresses that I really liked were either to small or to big for me. When it was time for me to try on the stack of clothes I picked out I realized something. I am no longer a size 2 but a size 4, that is an eye opener for me. I know that some women would kill to be a size 4 but I am only 5 ft tall. If I gain to much weight I'm going to end up looking like a pumpkin. I could barely look myself in the mirror when I was taking off my clothes. Luckily, we are in the age of computers and getting information and help online is so easy. There are websites like that is loaded with so much information. We just need to know where and what to look for. I have not really put my any real efforts about trying to loose weight. It is going to be hard but If I don't get any results, that website is to be the one I will first look up on the Web.


When I read what was on Joey's shirt I just laughed. The toddler laws of property fits my daughter to a T. I guess its that age where they either like to share or not at all. Most kids go through that phase and some won't outgrow these behavior until they are much older. It's important that we teach kids to share, make it fun and praise and reward them if they do. This will tell them that sharing is good and its also fun. Kaitlyn is a big bully trapped in a tiny girl's body. She hates sharing her stuff with Joey, she takes toys away from him specially if she sees that he is having so much fun with a toy she has not touched in a long time. I have been trying to break her out of that. I always say to myself, its just a phase and she will eventually get over it. I'm crossing my fingers with that,lol. Now tell me if this law does not apply to your toddler?

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