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Saturday, July 16, 2011


With so many birthday coming and going I can't keep track. Thank God, I know the birthdays of very important people in my life. But when it comes to my friends birthdays I need help. I have already missed a couple of birthdays from some close friends of mine. If it wasn't for facebook I would forget most of my friends birthdays, lol. It's not that I ignore it completely but I forget. The next big birthday will be Kayla's. And a couple of months after that will be my BIL and Ralph and Kaitlyn's birthday. My BIL Larry cooked for me and it was one of the best birthday present from my BIL. He made the best meat loaf I have ever tasted. Birthdays is not about the party, the expensive presents you receive but rather it is about the thought behind every action. I am always thankful for every gift I receive no matter how little or big they are. Someone I know will be celebrating her birthday soon and I think it would be a great idea to send her a gift basket.With her sweet tooth I know giving her a gift basket will be appreciated. If you have someone special about to celebrate their birthday send gift baskets now and hear the joy in their voice when they receive it. After all, "its better to give than to receive".

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