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Monday, August 17, 2009


Summer is almost over and I am just know posting the pictures and the adventures we've had. This year, we didn't plan any major vacation for our family. Instead the main highlight of our kids summer adventure was a trip to Sesame Place in Philadelphia. Here are some of the photos we took while we were there :

I was quiet disappointed with Sesame Place. The kids had a good time but they didn't have a blast. It wasn't what Ralph and I thought It was going to be. I guess coz there were a lot of kids there and the rides just took forever and it was disorganized in my opinion. When we got to the big water park I forgot to take a picture the water was surprisingly salty and I just wasn't right for me, you would think you were at the beach with the salt water pouring all over you. It was just plain right disgusting for me. Kayla on the other hand just went to the slides and any other water activities she could see. The only place where they really had a lot of fun was the lazy river. Both girls didn't even bother to get on the tires but just wanted to swim in the freezing water, yes the water was very very cold! We we had known we would have just stayed home and swim in the pool. And the food there was so expensive, my gosh for a bottled water it was $2.47 and a kiddie meal was $8.99. I was so surprised with how expensive it was, we should have brought our own luck and put in a cooler in our van. At least the kids got giddy and so excited when they saw the Sesame characters specially Elmo and Zoey. As far as Ralph and I are concerned we are not going back to Sesame Place any time soon. Next year we would rather go back to Dutch Wonderland where is cheaper and they had more rides and fun water parks for the kids.

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