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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm so excited and just cant wait for spring to be here. Even if we had to wake up earlier than usual due to DST I'm still pumped about planning our next vacation. We just found out today that Kayla has been getting excellent grades and we are just happy and so proud of her achievement. Ralph has also been working non-stop and he really deserves a vacation. Now, we really have to think about a place were we all can enjoy. I have heard good things about Branson Missouri and the fact that they are having the Great American Pie Contest. I love pies and going to a place where you have the beauty of nature, maybe a lake ride, mature walks, golfing, dinner and theater is a whole package. I could even join in the Annual Pie Contest and win $2,500 in cash plus a vacation for two at Hilton Branson Convention Center . Ralph and I could see or even meet Al Roker from the Today Show. Even with the kids around both of us could still enjoy a fun filled day of fun and activity. We still have time to make arrangement since the Pie Contest is going to be on April 24-25. Since money is a little tight right now its still wouldn't be a problem with the special room rates that they are offering starting March 22, 2009. To those who love nature filled walks, live entertainment theaters, golfing and museum this is probably the best vacation package for you. Where else can you get all of this, only at Branson. Think about it and start making your reservations now.


Here are some pictures that we took on that big snowy day a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to upload it since it was on the other camera. Ralph was the one who took the photos seeing that i was so busy running around with a 16 month old. It had just gotten back from the big park and we decided to check out the small hill that was a couple of blocks away from the house. Kayla's friend Tamara was there with her mommy. They both had a blast! Kaitlyn even though she only had two turns down the hill she still enjoyed walking in the knee deep snow. That was a great day for us as a family.


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