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Friday, December 19, 2008


How many pets do you have in your household? If you ask me, i feel like a home is not complete without a pet. We have exactly 4 pets in the house a dog, 2 cats, and a very noisy guinea pig. We all love our pets and they become a part of our family, some even go as far as treating pets as if they were children. Pets no matter what they are need love, care, attention and most specially they need to be seen regularly by a vet. In our case, we had to forgo the vet visits for a year now since we are really tight with the budget. I does make us worry about the health of our pets since our two girls play with them on a daily basis. Its good to know that Pet Information is available online and is easily accessible. The site has all the information a pet owner would like to know from breed, to health, to behaviour. Its a very helpful site as it even has latest news about anything that pertains to our little or big pets. When you sign on you can keep track of your pets important records, make a detailed profile of your pets, set and manage helpful reminders and connect with other members. If you want more information about pet care just visit the site and for sure you will find the answer to your questions.


I'm finally back!!!!!! Whew, what a week it has been. We got the pc up and running the other day. Thought it was all fine until the next day when i woke up. When i sat down to check on stuff i found some very interesting site that had been downloaded on my pc and desktop, A PORN SITE!. Now i know i didn't install it and nor has my husband been using the computer except to try and fix it. I almost tore my hair out again from frustration. I stood up and just watched television until my husband woke up and told him about what happened. We had to redo the restore all over again. Hopefully this will stay up and running until we can afford to get a new pc. Until now we dont exactly know what caused our computer to crash. Even though we ended up loosing all our girls pictures at least i got most of them saved on a cd and all his important files saved in this thumb driver thingy,lol.. Im happy to be back and i have risen from the ashes!

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