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Friday, July 30, 2010


On my recent vacation, I realized how lucky and fortunate my kids are compared to most kids in the place where I grew up. My kids have almost everything, their daddy makes sure that he gives them toys and stuff they can enjoy and play with. Take for example the newest swing set we just bought for the girls this Summer. Most kids back home have never seen a swing set let alone play in one. Most of those kids are happy just to play with sticks, twigs, tires, cans and other stuff most American kids take for granted. I try to make my kids understand that what they have is from their father's hard work. Kaitlyn for the most part didn't demand for any toys when we get the chance to visit malls or department stores. Her eyes did grow big when we passed by the aisle of battery powered ride on toys. She remembered her Barbie Jeep back home. That reminds me, we should actually look into Peg perego as specialize in battery power operated ride on toys. Kayla has gotten to big for her Barbie Jeep and as a rule Kaitlyn gets her jeep. Ralph is thinking about getting a ride on toy that looks like an ATV,I however don't think that is a good idea. We still have to discuss what kind to get Kayla, it has to be something that she can grow into and is durable for at least 2 kids on it. Maybe next year's tax money we will get Kayla her new ride on wheels.


I must admit that the first few days I was in Cebu I got surprised by how expensive commodities have become. The foods that I used to love eating that were cheap and affordable were no longer so. I often wonder how the poor get through the day feeding their family. There were still some things that were cheap. I was surprised by how cheap silver jewelries were. Not sterling silver but the 925 silver jewelry. Got me wondering in the process if wholesale diamonds were sold in the Philippines and would it be cheap. If that was the case I'm sure that women who loves diamonds would be in high heaven. They said diamonds were girls best friend, not for me. Food is my best friend and boy did I eat a lot of my best friend when I was on my vacation. And oh, I did get a few silver baubles for myself after my mom got me a silver necklace with a cross pendant and gave me her beautiful silver earring. I just had to buy a bracelet and a few silver rings to match my new earrings and necklace.


This beautiful round green fruit is called Lemonsito. It's like lime but smaller and more delicious without the bitter after taste of Lime and Lemon. I was so happy to see this plant beside my mom's house. It was surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Kaitlyn enjoyed looking at the butterflies and chasing after them. We didn't get to pick from the plant since it was not ripe yet. I don't know about you but food just taste different when the Lemonsito is added to it. Take for example the breaded pork chop.. There is just a certain taste to it that leaves you wanting and eating more. Even MIL admits that the these small lemonsito beats Lime any day. And good news to my pinoy friends, I got to bring a few seeds with me. I have yet to plant it but I am optimistic that I will be able to grow it. I just hope I have a place to put it when winter comes.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


What a relief it was to be able to lay down in a bed and stretch after long hours of sitting in a cramped space inside an airplane. When we got home our house was not in total disaster but just in disarray. Ralph did try his best keep the house in order but he can only do so much. He has also been working overtime while we were away. He may had to do radar detector in his police car, do check points for DUI or do some race escort for the city. The whole time we have been away he only had 3 days of time all to himself. I am so proud of my husband for being such a good provider and being a good man.The very least I could do for my husband is to take care of him, our kids and just be there for him when he needs me. Hopefully in 3 years time he won't have to work as much.


July has been a very memorable month for my MIL, Kaitlyn and I. We journeyed thousand of miles in order for us to go back home and see my family once again. But I will write about that experience another time. While in Cebu, Philippines I realized that my youngest daughter is no longer a baby. I look at her and see how much she has developed and improve daily. I had to hold on to my tears when I was folding the baby clothes I had bought for my godchildren. I realized that she could no longer fit on those clothes and wished she was a baby once more. It made me long for another child once more. Husband and I had discussed that we would be trying for another baby when I get back from my vacation. It's high time we try to add to our brood of 2 and maybe have another girl. Well, MIL and hubby would like a boy but I prefer a girl only because I have girls and I feel like I wouldn't know how to raise a boy,lol. But no matter the sex of the new baby I would love it with all my heart. I'm just hoping that we will be blessed soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010


That is my stinky fishy friends. One of the many many things I had the pleasure of looking, smelling and eating while I was on my vacation in the Philippines. At first I hesitated about frying this smelly wonder out of respect for my MIL. But I could no longer contain the wanting in my mouth. My sister fried a couple and my mouth really watered and the house was blasted with the awful stinking smell of the fish. I told my MIL not to leave our room so she will not be greeted by the smell. To avoid the smell getting into the room that is fully air-conditioned we had to put a towel under the door. After our mission was accomplished we sat ourselves around the table to get nourishment from these small stinky fishes. Let me tell you it was pure heaven eating it with my bare hands and know that I'm in Cebu and that I am in good company. I wasn't the only one feasting on these meal, my young daughter had her fill as well. She loves the taste of it but wants nothing to do with the smell, lol. You would be a Filipino, know one, be a friend to one or marry one to be able to understand what I am talking about. Buwad you are the bane of my existence,lol

Friday, July 16, 2010


Lack of quality sleep is catching up to me. I just can't take sleeping in while I am here in Cebu. I want to wake up early , start my day early and sleep late. As a result I have dark and huge circles under my eyes. I will be looking for wrinkle creams when I go out today so I can look my best for our reunion tomorrow night. It's not going to work that fast but I hope it will give my eye that little boost and look refresh. I am so excited to attend our high school reunion tomorrow night. We are all hoping that it will go off without a hitch and everybody will have a good time. I'm still not sure what I'll be wearing with my stomach looking like I'm 4 months pregnant. Too much eating really is showing on my body and I can't hide it,lol. Like my mother always said, this is your vacation, enjoy it and stop worrying about what you look like or you will never enjoy. The first thing I will do when we go back to the U.S is to go on a strict diet and exercise as much as I can. It's not going to be easy but If I don't do something I will end up gaining so much weight.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It finally arrived! My balikbayan box finally arrived after so many calls to Manila..I am just happy that it arrived and nothing was damaged or broken. Seeing my mom so happy made my day. Just in time for our trip going to Ormoc I still got to bring my small presents to my grandparent and see the joy in their eyes. I brought a lot of gifts for my female relatives but very few for my male relatives. I should have thought of getting a few urban clothes for my cousins. Lucky for me I only have 3 male cousins on my maternal side and I got them all a shirt. Next time I will have to plan what to bring ahead of time and really list it down and tag who it belongs to. It matters not the value of the material thing you gave but the thought behind it.I wish I could give them more but they also understand that I am just a simple housewife with very little income. Every smile and thank you wiped away the stress I felt when thinking about what to get them. I am so glad I came home with something for them. It may not have been much but it came from the heart, the thought was there.


What a vacation it has been so far. The heat is still makes us weak and drains our energy but were getting better. We just arrived today from visiting my hometown in Ormoc City. I finally got to see my maternal grandparents once more. The drawback of going home is that food is aplenty. I ate everything that I laid my eyes on, I was on a see food diet ( if i see food i eat it). Too much eating fatty foods and just anything is wreaking havoc on my face. I think I am having a small breakout on my chin. When I go out tomorrow I will have to look for the best acne treatment that is compatible for me. I just hope it won't get to bad so I don't have to worry about it. Vacation time is suppose to be enjoying the food and being stress free. I'll worry about what I look like when I go home. I will definitely have to go on a diet...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


What a long trip that was from Philadelphia to Cebu. Before our impending trip coming hope I dreaded the long flight specially since we were traveling with Kaitlyn and I know how she is when she gets bored. Thankfully she was an angel considering what a long flight it was. The most brutal leg of the trip was from Atlanta to Korea which was 13 1/2 hours. Lucky for Kaitlyn she gets to sleep lying down since she is small but unfortunate for both my MIL and I. At least we were sitting all together, we didn't have to disturb anybody when we had to stand up to go to the bathroom. See the picture on the right, that is a think a frozen river or lake or sea. If I'm not mistaken I took that while we flew over Canada or Russia. I thought it was clouds but when I took a closer look it was ice. Kaitlyn thought it was snowing out and wanted to play, lol. We really didn't get to see a lot of scenery while up in the sky since the windows have to be pulled down. Considering how long the flight was, we are just grateful that we arrive here in Cebu safe and sound.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Coming home to Cebu has been very stressful on me mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Planning on what gifts to buy and what clothes to bring is so stressful. You have to write down each and everyone of your relatives so you wont forget to buy them something. The other hassle is thinking about the right thing to get for them specially the men. With the women I have no problems, I just buy a bunch of Victoria Secret stuff and give them out. The men on the other hand are more of a problem on what to get them. I bought some shirts for the male relatives but I got a headache thinking about the sizes and if it will fit or not. I was so tempted to just buy wholesale clothes to bring back home. I just hope that my relatives won't be disappointed with what I will be giving them. The important thing is it came from the heart and i thought of them. As the saying goes " It's the thought that counts ".


Got a big surprise today, my cousin Dominic came by to see me. We both got so emotional hugging each other, we missed each other so much. After the much needed hug we perused each other and smiled at how much we both have changed. According to him,I have not changed one bit and I still look young. As for him, he has gained a lot of weight since I last saw him. He still needs medication for his face, maybe pronexin can help control his acne and breakouts. I just miss him so much and we talked about the fun times we did while I was in Manila waiting for the process of my Visa. It was such fun times and memorable. For now he crashed on our couch and I am sure that when he wakes up we will start talking where we left off. I can't wait to see the rest of my relatives specially my maternal grandparents in a couple of days. I love my family!


At long last my one and only sister Mitzi "chay" finally got to hold her first niece in her arms. She was so surprised to finally see Kaitlyn in person, can't believe she has such a small face. I could tell that the bond was automatic and she just loves her little niece. Mama 2 is what Kaitlyn calls my sister and was just talking away when we got in the car. It was like she knew my sister all along and no hesitation on her part. On the other hand my sister could not get over how small Kaitlyn's face was in person. It was so surreal watching the two of them together, my oldest sister and my daughter. My sister is good with people but she is specially great with kids. When my sister leaves at night to go home to her boarding house coz she has school the next day, Kaitlyn gives her a big hug and kiss. She looks for her Mama 2 as soon as she wakes up and constantly asks for her. As soon as my sister walks through the door she greets her with a big smile and a hug saying" you're home, I missed you". It makes my sister's day.


Coming back home for a visit is amazing. A lot of things have changed, everything looks the same but different. The weather is just crazy hot. It feels like your are in an oven and that every air in your body is being sucked out from you. I miss my home country but I have also learned to love my adopted country, America. The perks of coming back home is the joy of enjoying the foods I have missed. Only a few days of eating and I feel like I have gained more than 10 pounds and its all in my stomach. If my sister can make delicious food from an hcg diet recipes then I will be in heaven.I am on a vacation so I will eat whatever I want and will just deal with the consequence after my trip,lol.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Now that we are here in the Philippines I am very worried about my husband. Ralph is going to be working a whole lot and will be missing us. He already called to say that he doesn't think that he can make it 3 weeks without us. He already misses us a whole bunch and keeps calling. I worry about him though coz he will be working a lot to occupy his time. He needs the best multivitamin for men to keep him healthy. I have been meaning to get him some vitamins but i keep forgeting. I hope he gets rest and doesn't work to much. I know we need the money but his health is also very important to us. This is the first time that we have been away from each other since we got married. He is also worried about us while away from him. I miss you honey and we will be home soon.


Kaitlyn at the Philadelphia Airport. We just got through security and had to wait for my MIL to get through. We woke up very early and it was a good thing we were at the airport 3 hours before our trip. My baggage was over 6 pounds but the Delta Agent let me go through without paying the excess, which I am thankful for. Since I am travelling with my MIL who is considered disable we were able to cut through the lines and got boarded first. Over all our plane ride to Atlanta went without a hitch.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The beauty of Summer is even more fun when you have a pool. One drawback though, it is a pain in the behind to maintain. Good thing my husband is in charge of all that and I only have to do very little when it comes to the swimming pool. He is proud of himself for keeping the pool clean and clear so far since it has been opened. The water did get a little cloudy one time that got him worried. I had to look for a water clarifier while I was at the store. It was either a lot of people were getting chemicals for their pool or the stores didn't have on hand stock coz I could not find one. They did have a bunch of chemicals and stuff for the spa like spa filters, spa water clarifier, spa shock and so on and so forth. It was a good thing that our neighbor did have the clarifier he needed. For now, the water is crystal clear and ready to be enjoyed.


Giving our kitchen a mini makeover did make a big improvement. It got a new coat of paint which is Aloe Vera. Got rid of that awful wall paper that has been peeling off the wall. We also got a new kitchen counter and new flooring. It was such a hassle before we got the counter. I did not have a sink for almost 3 weeks. Imagine my joy when I finally had my sink back and I got a double sink, even better. At first I didn't like the new faucet that Ralph picked. But it grew on me and its better this way, it looks tidier and easier to clean. If I am not mistaken, it is a Grohe faucet that is getting more popular than the regular faucet. Its gives our kitchen a modern look. I am just glad that I have my kitchen back and hopefully it will still look the same after we get back from our upcoming vacation.

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