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Monday, November 17, 2008


Are you at a stage in your life where you fret and worry about every little things in your appearance? The quality of your skin and the little wrinkles you find in your face here and there? I started worrying about that, and it adds more and more wrinkles and makes me look older than my actual age. I look in the mirror and i don't see the youthful skin that i use to have, one without wrinkles. I'm loosing the elasticity of my skin at such a young age and its scary. I'm not vain but it helps when your skin is healthy and younger looking. There is a new product that really works Dermalastyl i s the newest breakthrough in preventing wrinkles. Its the only product out there that contains the same collagen stimulating peptides found in Botox , it also contains Tropoelastin that helps generate and speed up production of skin elasticity and has 600 times more amino acid. Using this product not only saves you time but money. Plastic Surgery cost a lot of money and you may not get the result you want. Thinking about getting Botox but afraid of needles? The quick solution for you is Dermalastyl. Think about how much money you can save? What costs to get surgery will only cost you a small fraction of that amount and you get the same result with no pain and cuts. As for me, ill be one of the thousands of women putting this on my wish list and actually getting it.



The leaves in the backyard have fallen. Only a couple of trees are left with leaves still on its branches. Ralph took the time last week to rake the leaves and dump them off at the dumpster. Kayla was his big helper and raked some leaves with her little rake that we bought at Walmart. Ralph gave up using the rake and decided to use the leaf blower. I admit it was faster but it still left some leaves on the ground but it was enough to make a difference that we were able to finally see the ground. It was a cold day and i did not want to help out! I used the baby as an excuse,hehehe we still went out though for a little bit so we could take pictures. Kaitlyn did not like the leaves all over her and freaked out partly due to her clothes constricting her from moving. Next week Ralph will probably have to start all over again.

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