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Friday, September 4, 2009


The month of August has been full of storks delivering babies. Really I probably knew about 4 women who delivered last month. Every time I found out that one of those babies were already born I felt happiness, excitement and jealousy at the same time. Its no secret that Ralph and I have been wanting to have another child for over a year now. My heart breaks every single month I get my menstrual period proving that were still not conceiving. But I know in my heart that things happen for a reason and I should just be thankful for what I have now.

There is no Price to good health, that is just so true. Now that I have a daughter it make me more aware of my health, her health in short my families health. Lately I have been feeling all this aches and pains in my body that got me scared. What if something is wrong with me? What's going to happen to my family. Will I see the day my kids graduate, get married and have kids? It got me thinking about really doing something to safeguard my health. C'elle the worlds only leading service that makes use of women's menstrual cycle to help collect and preserve valuable stem cells. Before, I have always thought that our menstrual cycle was just there to remind us that were women but now I have a new outlook. Its there for a reason and Its to help us try and preserve life. Its been known that stem cells have many uses and benefits including finding treatment for disorders like diabetes, breast cancer and many more. As a mother we put ourselves last and think about our families first, its time we put ourselves first. Our health is more important than any riches in the world. Order now for a chance to have a safeguard on our families health.


Crab Fest!!! A week ago I asked my MIL to take me to the Farmers Market so I can get my crabs. I just went in there to get it and zipie do dah right out the door after. I got a dozen crabs all to myself since both Ralph and my MIL have had enough of crabs while they were still living in New Jersey. As soon as we got home I immediately took a pan and dumped my breakfast/lunch/dinner to start cooking. My mouth was watering since I haven't had crabs in a long time. Eating crabs bring back memories back home. Even if its a very tedious task eating it I still enjoy it. It took me 3 days to finish that dozen crabs together with Kaitlyn. I found out that she loves crabs but I think she is a little bit allergy to it since her pepe got red after she had crabs. Next time I want to try those King Crabs the one I keep on seeing on DEADLIEST CATCH.

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