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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today's weather was perfect with lots of sun and mild winds. After picking up both Kayla and her friend Kelly at the bus stop I got all the kids ready to go in the pool. With mother nature visiting me I could not very well get in the pool with the kids and also makes a pretty good excuse not to get in the freezing water. Since I was going to watch the kids in the pool I had to wear my bathing suit top and shorts. I was appalled to see how big and flabby my stomach was. Got me thinking about trying one of those many diet pills that have been sprouting out like mushrooms in the market. Trying out diet pills make me leery though specially when you hear some of the reviews that are not so good. You hear diet pill reviews that are hot in the market just because they endorsed by Hollywood stars. Like the quick trim product that is endorsed the the Kardasian sisters. The quicktrim reviews about the product doesn't sound too good. That is why it is important to do your own research when taking something your not familiar with. For me the best review comes from someone you personally know and have seen the full effect of the product.


Anyone want to go on a hay ride? It's not really a hay ride but more of a lawn mower ride, lol. That was taken last week when Ralph was getting the yard ready to be cut the next day. He had to pick up the little twigs and branches that fell of the tree. He hooked up the trailer behind the lawnmower so he could put the little twigs and branches in it. The kids looked like they were getting bored so he told the kids to climb aboard for a lawnmower ride. Let me tell you the kids were all excited and just laughed and giggled. From L-R are Joey, Kelly, Kaitlyn and Kayla. Ralph drove around the backyard entertaining the kids. My husband is such a great dad and would go to any lengths to make anything fun for his kids.


It amazes me how a family can change one persons life. Andrew, Ralph nephew has changed so much and more now that his a family man. He had a rough life and we thought he was never going to clean up his act. When his girlfriend got pregnant and had a baby he stepped up right to the plate. He adores his son and is working his butt off to support his family. They have been coming down for the weekend to help Ralph with stuff around the house. While they were here they got to talking about insurance, from cars to life insurance. Ralph asked Andrew what his plans are and to make sure that he gets that covered. I know Andrew is taking Ralph's advice to heart, he should look into insurancespecialists. He knows that once he is more settled and regular at his work he will have to take care of the insurance for his son and his family. And Ralph has seen what his nephew can do if he sets his mind to it and knows that Andrew will go a long way if he keeps up and has a good head on his shoulder.


Remembering what I did while still pregnant brings back poignant memories. How I miss those times where Its just me and Kaitlyn still inside my stomach moving around. My past time was eating, sleeping on the computer and of course the television. The bed and couch were my best buddies. As my stomach got bigger and bigger sleep seems to have abandoned me. Awake in the wee hours of the morning watching television. The commercial kept me entertained though. Have you noticed the infomercials late at night? All kinds from acne face wash, to acne creams, weight loss pills, exercise equipments, kitchen gadgets and many more. When you get so tuned in and focus its like your being brain washed into buying all these products. I have gotten tempted so many times, luckily I did not have any credit car to my name,lol. If my mom was living here with us in America she would go nuts over the gadgets here and there.

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