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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm so excited that finally winter is at an end and spring is just beginning. You can tell that it is really spring, the birds are twitter patting and seedlings are getting ready to bloom. One of the few things I dread about spring time is my allergies. Last year was horrible, I had the sneeze all the time, my nose was all stuffy and runny and my eyes were so itchy and puffy. I had to take some allergy medication so I could at least breathe without having my mouth open all the time. My two girls Kayla and Kaitlyn are just like the energizer bunny, raring to go. Afternoons will no longer be spent cooped up inside the house but outside in the backyard. And since spring is here Sears is offering a big discount on all original priced Fall and Winter Apparels. They are offering a 75%-80% discount on selected items from petites, infant wear, toddlers, men , women, and many more. That is a huge savings for us,specially now that we are in a recession. Did you see there collection of cute dresses? I'm so fed up wearing sweats and looking frumpy. Its time for me to dress up and entice my husband once again. As fashion designers would say a little black dress goes a long way and is a must have for every woman's closet. If you want huge savings on your families outfit head on out to Sears, promotion ends on April 18.
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My other daughter is 5 and she has long beautiful straight hair. She could sit for hours and hours and not complain about you doing her hair. Of course she whines and cries if you hit tangles but other than that she is fine as a peach. We use so much conditioner on her hair that its not even funny. For the past couple of days i have been driving myself crazy over her hairstyle. Its just I have been to The Princess and the story about her hair she has such beautiful hair and hairstyles. I have tried doing some of the hairstyle but to no avail. I don't have much time in the morning to do the more intricate hairstyle. I don't know what got into me this morning but I decided to put Kayla's hair up and this is the before and after. Now I asked myself what the heck am I doing her hair like that when she is just 5 years old? The answer: I just want her to look more beautiful and for people to notice how beautiful her hair is. When she comes home today I'll be very shock it her hair is still the same, lol.....


Spring time is here and that makes me smile. From the time summer stopped and autumn began I have been waiting for spring to return. Spring will pave the way for Summer and make the surrounding blossom with flowers,trees with its magnificent foliage and birds nesting on them. The ground is filled with tiny little sprouts but son will grow into a weed, a flower or what not. People are busy doing there spring cleaning. I have not done any of my cleanings yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday, while big sister was at school the hours was spent with Kaitlyn and playing with her. Mima (grandma) as Kaitlyn would call her was busy arranging her stuff in her room and found a bunch of her address stickers. Having her own address label has made it easier for my MIL to send out letters, pay bills and return stuff. Since she has Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) she has those off days where she cant have the full use of her fingers. Getting her own return address labels has its perks. Did you that you can personalize your own? Even upload your own photos, images and what not into it? They also have thousands of designs to choose from with high quality on there photo printing. There is nothing better than to have your own return address that screams out your personality and gives it a personal touch. MIL have already started taking out her flowered labels to welcome spring. It's your turn to kick off spring by checking out VistaPrint.

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