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Monday, September 1, 2008


Last night i distinctly remember laying down with my husband.For the past days i have been camping on my daughters floor in her room. Hey,my husband and I didnt fight if thats what your thinking.The baby wasnt feeling good lately and it was better for me to stay in her room so when she wakes up all i have to do is stand by her crib and pat her or just give her her pacifier.

With that explained,I was so exhausted and sleepy,i just zonked off.The next thing i now i was woken up by this pitter patter of feet crawling on the hardwood floor. It was by 10 month old baby girl..She was crawling out the door going to our room.The first thing i said was "OH MY GOD!" and kept repeating it over and over again. Luckily my husband jumped out of bed and went to the baby thinking that i was still asleep on the floor..As soon as the baby saw him,she did a u turn and crawl right back in the room. i just scooped her up and just said :

" Langga(beloved)how did you open the door.?"
" my god honey,i cant remember how i got here.good thing you woke up "
It was still my mother's instinct that woke me up when i heard her crawling out the door. the morning before that i was telling my mother in law that we have to get gates around the house specially for upstairs in case i fell asleep and the door is open. But, still i felt guilty and in shock. I never remembered getting up and getting the baby out of her crib to lay her down on the floor next to me.. And when i do,i always always make sure i reallyl close the door.I kept thinking and trying to remember how i got in her room and how come i couldnt remember.I was never like this..
But last night,was and is still a mystery to me.

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