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Friday, February 20, 2009


Every single day i worry about my mother's health. Before she reached the age of 40 she had already gone one thyroid operation removal and hysterectomy. At first she didn't believe us when we told her that she looked like she had thyroid problem until the doctor confirmed it. It was decided that it had to come out and she is only left with one thyroid now. To make matter more complicated she also had a hysterectomy to remove the Cyst found in her uterus. Now, her hormones are really out of sync. She experiences a lot of things like, hot flushes, hair loss, weight increase and she is always tired with little energy. Taking the pills is not enough to replace her imbalance hormones, bioidentical hormone replacement could be the solution that my mother is looking for. Ever since the Hysterectomy my mother has gained a lot of weight and she attributed it to the imbalance in her hormones. I use to think that she was just making it as an excuse for gaining a lot of weight and blamed poor eating habits. Having the proper hormone replacement will surely improve my mother's way of life, she wont be stuck in the home all the time. She will finally be able to enjoy a younger looking skin, healthy hair, maintain her hot flushes and most of all improve her sex life. And i hope my mom will finally be back to her old self before her operation as she would call it ( complete).


Kaitlyn's hair has been in her eyes for some time now and i dragged my feet about cutting her hair. Finally i got the courage to cut her hair, i was actually cutting my hair while we were taking a bath. She didn't flinch when i cut her bangs but i butchered her hair, I cut it to short. It will grow back anyway, the important thing is that its not going in her eyes. She still looks beautiful anyway, long hair, with or without bangs. Pardon the face since she just finished eating a chocolate graham cracker.


Its tax season and time to file if you haven't done yours yet. We have already filed ours and gotten our refund. Ralph and I talked about getting a wii fit so we could all enjoy and have fun. Its an interactive game that allows you to move your body and with the wii fit, you can have fun while doing your exercise. We love ours and we have been playing with it every single day. MIL have already lost a few pounds from using the wii fit and keeping track of her weight. As for our family friend in England i encouraged her to get one for her family so they can have a family night of fun like we do. Getting the best deals for a wii fit console or any accessories can be found at gamestock, check it out and you could be next to get your groove on.

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