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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Picture above was taken on Kayla's first day of school as a first grader last Aug 19,2009. She is flanked on both sides by her friends Kelly on the left and Tamara on the right. We woke up to a nice warm morning, Kayla woke up excited about going back to school and seeing Kelly and Tamara at the bus stop. She was adamant about making us take the puppies to the bus stop to see her off. Of course we obliged her thinking how hard could it be. It was difficult trying to make two puppies walk while walking a 22 month old and a 6 yr old,lol...The puppies got so excited at the bus stop seeing a lot of kids and adults that we had to keep them away from the crowd. Ralph and I really didn't get to savor the moment of getting her off for the first time in this school year because of the puppies.

The picture below is of Kayla getting off the bus that same day, she was still brimming with excitement and was extra happy to see her best friend Tracy at the bus stop with us. She gave her baby sister a big hug first then us. Kids have so much energy that I just want to bottle up that energy and drink it up as the day goes.
The last is of the girls walking home hand in hand. Tracy is the one in pink, Kaitlyn in the middle and Kayla in blue. They was just walking and babbling away like they had not seen each other for so long. Kids are so funny.

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