The Designers Chic

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Pictures of the girls taken last week. I decided to blow up the small pool for Kaitlyn since it was to cold for her and Kayla to go in the pool. We bought that pool last year before the big pool was put it. Kayla loves it even if its a little small for her and Kaitlyn enjoys it more since she can swim without the fear of her going under the water. The other girl in the picture is our neighbors daughter Tracy. She is so good with the girls and she watches over them and play with them, she is like a mother hen. Both the older girls love sliding on the little slide even if they are to big for it. I rather prefer the blow up pool than the big pool, this way Kaitlyn can enjoy swimming and playing in the pool without anyone holding onto her. Its a pain in the ass to put it away though but as long as my kids are happy I'll be glad to put it and blow it up over and over again.

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