The Designers Chic

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Our 3rd year wedding anniversary was spent with our kids plus two,lol. Our friend was in a bind and needed someone to watch her kids. She knew that Valentines was our anniversary but she has no one else to watch her kids. I told her we would just take them. Besides they would have a blast here at the house. It was a chore though putting 4 kids in the car,hahaha. Kaitlyn cried her head off since she all the three other kids were sitting on the back while she had to sit in her carseat. What a bad start but she eventually settle down and was fine after that. We head off to our favorite Chinese Buffet and the kids were so behaved. It was just a simple celebration to mark our third year.

Picture was taken inside the restaurant in front of the fountain with fish. See the thumbs up? They were so happy and had so much ice cream to eat. I was so stuffed up to my neck with all the yummy food that was on display. How did you guys celebrate the day of hearts?

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