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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have been neglecting and procrastinating on writing post on my blog. I have just been so busy as of late and almost all my time is spent couponing. Its almost like a full time job and I have to keep track of all the coupon online and print them out. If my printer could talk it would probably tell me to give it a breather,lol. Since I started couponing almost 2 months ago I have used over 500 sheets of paper and used so much ink.
I have also clipped a whole bunch or coupons from news paper inserts and magazines. I never understood why those women who are on the Extreme Couponing show why they do this. Its the high and adrenaline rush that keeps you addicted. You feel your heart racing and pumping, your hands gets so cold and clammy when you see those numbers go higher and higher. You wonder how your are going to pay for it and start to get all nervous and scared. Then as you hand in your coupons you pray that you have a smooth transaction. The first beep of the coupon being scanned is like a tranquilizer. Calming you down little by little and then when you see that you have cut the cost to more than 50-90% , that is where you get a rush, an adrenaline rush like no other. It makes you smile from the inside.

Couponing is not as easy as it seems. It takes skills, concentration and keen eye for a good bargain for it to work. I am still a newbie and I do not claim to be good at it yet. But with trial and error and support from other couponeers I will become successful. In almost two months of couponing my stockpile has grown and will keep growing,lol.. Next time I will post a picture of my growing stockpile, lol

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