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Friday, May 21, 2010


Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. ~Malcolm S. Forbes

All parents want the right education for their kids. With that being said we all want what is best for them. Our niece Kristen is soon to be graduating high school and she has yet to decide what degree what is taking up and schools she wants to look into. But before she decides to do any of that she has to make sure that she not only get good grades but also score and excellent mark on her SAT's. SAT is a standardized test that includes critical reading, math and writting for college addmission. I hope Kristen thinks about sat prep to help her prepare for the big test. She know that in order to get to a good college she has to do good on her SAT as well. When the time comes for our kids turn we know that they will have to take the SAT's we will have a back up plan to help them prepare for this important test.


Andrew the builder

Presenting our the kids newest swing set....

The very first swing set we got for the kids was old. Ralph bought from his friend for $150. It did work for the kids but the swing set would sway back and forth when the kids get on the swing. It made us all nervous and worried about the kids safety. Three weeks ago Ralph nephew Andrew came down for the weekend to put up the fence we were going to buy. As it turned out the fence had to be ordered and would not come in another 2 weeks. Since Andrew didn't have any thing to do Ralph decided to get the swing set at BJ's. It had to be installed and Andrew is very good at these kinds of stuff. The swing set is only $899. It is a great price considering how big and nice it it. Before we decided about getting a new swing set of the kiddos we shopped around and by golly swing sets are just so darn expensive. The cheapest we saw with just the most basic accessory was about $1700. But anyway, we are so pleased with the bargain we got with this swing set. Andrew had to put it all together and took him about 15 hrs. to finally put it all together. If everything was all labeled it would have taken him just 5 hours but nothing was labeled at all. I was very very impressed by his dedication and he did a great job.

Sing set:
  • 2 swings
  • glider
  • monkey bar
  • rock climb
  • club house
  • slide
  • and a picnic table
Now our backyard is a complete haven for our kids. We have the swing set, sand box , swimming pool and more than enough room to run around or even add on to the swing set. What more can a kid want?

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