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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Whew, I just got done cleaning one of the 2 bathrooms upstairs. This is the bathroom that both kids use and also for the guest. As I was cleaning I happen to look outside the bathroom window and saw the buds in the trees. They are all getting ready to bloom. In a matter of days the trees will be full of blooms then the leaves will start to come in and the birds nestle under its swaying leaves. It reminds me of days back home where its nice to go around riding in your bicycle. I have a couple of friends that have there own bicycle and love using it as a form of exercise and leisure. Biking is safe on the environment, It doesn't emit harmful pollutants in the air. It gives you a very scenic view of the place your are cruising along. Did you know that moderate biking can also burn a lot of calories? Yes is certainly does, 30 minute of moderate biking can burn as much as 200 calories.It also tones the backside, the thighs and many parts of the body. If your like me and thinking about biking as one of your form of exercise check out lady beach cruisers and get a feel of the many varied choices of bicycles you can choose from. Its classic design will never go out of style and its easier to handle. They also offer optional fenders and wire baskets. For all my readers they were generous enough to provide a coupon Code : 5OFFXPP and is valid for two months and also $25-$45 nationwide shipping. Get your ride on and lets start loosing those winter pounds.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday I made another Filipino dish that my husband absolutely love, BEEF CALDERETA. Last weeks it was "nilat-ang baka" and both him and my MIL loved as well. I bought the beef ribs at Bj's since it was cheaper. Ralph however is complaining that he doesn't like the bones in the meat and that there is not enough meat. Last night when he came home from work he had some of my caldereta. This morning I decided to have it for lunch but was dismayed, he ate almost all the meat! Leaving just the sauce, potatoes, green peas, carrots and the peppers. At least he loved it.


This week is my vacation, no waking up in the morning to get Kayla ready for school since its spring break. I'm going to take advantage of this week and do my spring cleaning. Next week its back to our old routine and that also means doing homework with Kayla. Yes kindergarten also get homework every Monday and has to be handed in by Friday. Its a relief though that Kayla is still young and it will be a couple more years where I will be scratching my head figuring out how to help her with homework. Thankfully there is Answers Homework that helps answer any question you may have. I have been to the site and its very easy to maneuver around and is very very kid friendly. Since Easter is coming up fast I tried searching for it and finding out more and viola, I got a run down of things about Easter.

Last Spring I had a terrible case of allergies, I was so stuffy that breathing seemed impossible. My eyes watering, itchy and to top it all off I was sneezing like crazy. Now with I can check what allergies are rampant in our area and prepare myself for it. That's a very useful tool since I also have kids around and its always better to be prepared and aware. And the last but never the least is they also have spell checking on the fly. This is a very useful tool for me since I blog and it helps me with my spelling. So if your ever in doubt about the spelling of a certain word doubt no more and check out


Its been a slow weekend for us here. Kayla got dropped off to her mom since she has her for the weekend and also spring break. Its just sad though that she wont be able to spend time with us and her baby sister. The weather has not been cold but it hasn't been wonderful either. Its been raining for the past two days with very gusty winds. We went out to the porch in the backyard and let the baby play for a little bit. Thank God she didn't make a fuss when it was time for us to come inside. As we were on the porch I noticed our trees have buds already. Its ready to bloom anytime and that got me into thinking about caring for my skin again. I have to kick myself in the rear end to take care of me for once. I have to start moisturizing my skin again since it got so dry from winter. I want to have soft, supple and glowing skin to greet summer. I will finally be able to wear my short, tank tops and of course the dreaded bikini. Getting best body scrub around is a big must for me right now. Body scrubs can help shed dead skin and leave you with a healthier and smoother skin. There are a lot of body scrubs out there but I want something natural that smells divine and leaves my skin soft to the touch. With that in mind I went hunting on the Net and found that they have everything from lotions, liquid soaps, candles, something for men but what got me most was you can actually shop by scent. When I saw the list of scent I was in smell heaven. Not only that, to celebrant spring they are taking 20% off on entire order between March 27-30, plus if you spend over $100 they will ship it to you for free. Why not let yourself bloom and enjoy the the feel of younger smooth looking skin. Go check out SabonNYC and pamper yourself.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Was it just me or was Entrecard downloading slow last night and still is today. Last night I could not even drop on some people as there Ec widgets would not show up. I would have to refresh several times. I was afraid that my computer was getting a virus but when I transferred to my Laptop it was still the same. Hhhhhmmmmm???? What about you guy? I hope this will get fixed soon as I usually do my drops at night when the kids are asleep and I don't have much time to drop on 3 of my blogs if Entrecard is not loading as fast. The best solution for me I guess is to start dropping early. Have a great day everyone!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm so excited that finally winter is at an end and spring is just beginning. You can tell that it is really spring, the birds are twitter patting and seedlings are getting ready to bloom. One of the few things I dread about spring time is my allergies. Last year was horrible, I had the sneeze all the time, my nose was all stuffy and runny and my eyes were so itchy and puffy. I had to take some allergy medication so I could at least breathe without having my mouth open all the time. My two girls Kayla and Kaitlyn are just like the energizer bunny, raring to go. Afternoons will no longer be spent cooped up inside the house but outside in the backyard. And since spring is here Sears is offering a big discount on all original priced Fall and Winter Apparels. They are offering a 75%-80% discount on selected items from petites, infant wear, toddlers, men , women, and many more. That is a huge savings for us,specially now that we are in a recession. Did you see there collection of cute dresses? I'm so fed up wearing sweats and looking frumpy. Its time for me to dress up and entice my husband once again. As fashion designers would say a little black dress goes a long way and is a must have for every woman's closet. If you want huge savings on your families outfit head on out to Sears, promotion ends on April 18.
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My other daughter is 5 and she has long beautiful straight hair. She could sit for hours and hours and not complain about you doing her hair. Of course she whines and cries if you hit tangles but other than that she is fine as a peach. We use so much conditioner on her hair that its not even funny. For the past couple of days i have been driving myself crazy over her hairstyle. Its just I have been to The Princess and the story about her hair she has such beautiful hair and hairstyles. I have tried doing some of the hairstyle but to no avail. I don't have much time in the morning to do the more intricate hairstyle. I don't know what got into me this morning but I decided to put Kayla's hair up and this is the before and after. Now I asked myself what the heck am I doing her hair like that when she is just 5 years old? The answer: I just want her to look more beautiful and for people to notice how beautiful her hair is. When she comes home today I'll be very shock it her hair is still the same, lol.....


Spring time is here and that makes me smile. From the time summer stopped and autumn began I have been waiting for spring to return. Spring will pave the way for Summer and make the surrounding blossom with flowers,trees with its magnificent foliage and birds nesting on them. The ground is filled with tiny little sprouts but son will grow into a weed, a flower or what not. People are busy doing there spring cleaning. I have not done any of my cleanings yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday, while big sister was at school the hours was spent with Kaitlyn and playing with her. Mima (grandma) as Kaitlyn would call her was busy arranging her stuff in her room and found a bunch of her address stickers. Having her own address label has made it easier for my MIL to send out letters, pay bills and return stuff. Since she has Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) she has those off days where she cant have the full use of her fingers. Getting her own return address labels has its perks. Did you that you can personalize your own? Even upload your own photos, images and what not into it? They also have thousands of designs to choose from with high quality on there photo printing. There is nothing better than to have your own return address that screams out your personality and gives it a personal touch. MIL have already started taking out her flowered labels to welcome spring. It's your turn to kick off spring by checking out VistaPrint.

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Monday, March 23, 2009


Ralph complains that I don't give the baby cereal or oatmeal in the mornings. Its not that I'm not giving it to her on purpose she is fed up with it. So at times I let her eat rice, chicken or whatever left overs we have for breakfast. I grew up eating rice for breakfast so I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm still giving her cereal and oatmeal but I do it every other day so it wont get monotonous. The past day I made pizza from scratch. Yes I made the dough myself with the recipe I got off over the Internet. The following morning I decided to have Pizza for my brunch. It was still hot from the microwave so I placed it on the table. I went to check my e-mails but Kaitlyn was so quiet and I heard this scratching noise. I sneaked to the family room to check on her and this is what I found.

How can you get upset with that face?


A few years ago I was living free, single, sexy, beautiful and had no care in life. In a matter of two years I came over here in America, got married, became a stepmother, a mom and a housewife. I'm still sexy and beautiful though but sometimes you feel the stress of life, marriage and kids. Living off on a one income in a family of four is not easy. Ralph is the only person working and he works very hard as it is. Still, when its time to pay off the bills every month I can't help but get stressed. It's no secret that our economy is heading south and will probably remain there for a while. The one thing Ralph and I have been doing is cutting down. That includes switching to a new cell phone provider to give us a better plan at an affordable monthly rate, drastically cutting down on dinning out. Now we are thinking of getting Dish Network and changing our cable provider.Paying to much for to little programming selection and service interruption sucks.
The good thing about getting Satellite Provider is there is more program selections like the 3 premium channels, HBO, Starz and Cinemax. There is also less interruption with in ground cable. And to top it all off its much more cheaper than our cable provider now. Switching from Cable to Satellite will surely save us a lot of money. Wouldn't you want to reduce and pay off some of your bills? We sure do...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Thursday I decided to make my own pizza. I was a little bit discouraged when Ralph said it might not turn out that good, he means the crust. I told him that were also going to be having spaghetti since I already took out some sweet Italian sausage to put in the sauce. I got the recipe online and it didn't take that long to make it. What was so rewarding was Ralph actually liked it. The best thing about it is now we can make our own pizza and put any topping we like. BON APPETITO!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Everyone knows that the economy is at its worse. They even said that its going to get worse before it gets better. A lot of people have already lost there jobs and in the process have also lost there cars, houses, properties and many more. Ralph is very lucky that his job is stable but we still worry about it. Finding a job can be hard specially if you dont have the right people helping you. Even though some companies have let workers go, there are still companies that are looking for specific people. That is where LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH comes in handy and helps with the recruitment and hiring of well qualified workers. Not only that they also help qualified individuals get the highest offers and the right jobs for them. Finding a job and a well paid one at that can be daunting and stressful, but having the right people backing you up and helping you with your job hunt is surely a big help. This is just one of many job hunters satisfied testimony about LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH :

"I lost my job as Vice President of Sales with a national technology firm and signed up for assistance with a career management firm that turned out to be terrible. I gave them $10K and they did nothing, not even return my calls. I called my lawyer and he got most of my money back and said that his neighbor had used a company called Lightship Research They charged less than a quarter of what the other company did and were accessible and they’re for me every step of the way. I even felt like the whole team were my friends and went through the same emotional ups and downs as I did through my job search. It took me 9 weeks and now I am the VP of Sales for a fast growing biometrics company. These are highly hard working and ethical people. I recommend them to everyone I talk to." -M. Olson, PA

With what is happening in our economy today we need all the help and the assistance we can get.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It was a great day to play outside and just enjoy the radiating warmth of the sun. Kaitlyn was so busy playing in the sandbox even if she was all by herself since her big sister was still at school. After playing in the sandbox she got a hold on big sister's old cellphone toys. That reminded me of how life was before the cellphones. The line of communication was limited to the phone and landlines. When I first got here I saw no reason to get a cellphone of my own. That quickly change though when Kayla started going to pre-kindergarten. Ralph and I had to constantly communicate while he was at work. Why not just the land line? We sometimes go out and its very important that we stay in touch in case I need something of the girls need something. Good thing Ralph found Sprint cell phone deals and he got me my very first cell phone. It was flip, metallic pink phone. It was actually one of my birthday gift last year. How about you? Are you getting the best cellphone deals? Check out the site and get the best cell phone deals for you and your family.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is a video of Kaitlyn sleeping and snoring. She usually snores loud and is a bed hog! She is such a little munchkin. Enjoy the video!


Women be it mother's, grandmothers, daughters we all want that young glowing skin in our old age. As a mother its not easy to me taking the time out to really take care of myself skin wise. All your attention is focused on your kids. I turned 30 last year and I noticed that my skin hasn't been what it used to be. My skin tone is uneven, my pores are very obvious and I have wrinkles. I want to be able to use something on my face that is naturally safe for me and for the environment. Its great to know that Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care has come up with the newest breakthrough. They have developed this organic skin care product Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum that has an active ingredient called PhytoCellTec that protects skin stem cells. It is what makes help the skin regenerate to get that younger looking skin. And you know what it means, young looking skin is also a healthier you. Let us pamper ourselves and enjoy the fruits of nature to our advantage.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm here right now upstairs in bed, Ralph lying down watching Grid Iron Gang. I on the other hand is busy surfing on the net for activities to do this summer. That includes planning a vacation out of town or even out of the country. In our economy today we need quality value for every buck that we spend. A Luxury Vacation and Holiday Custon Packages to Greece and the Greek Islands would be a great vacation for an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday and such. Greek is a country full of stories specially that of the Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology and one of the great civilizations in the world. Greece abundant with many natural tourists spots, beaches, museums and not to mention the soul searing food. Imagine going on a Greek Island Vacations for 12 nights, consisting of a stay 2 days stay at Athens, 3 nights in Mykonos, 3 nights in Santorini and 4 nights Greek Island Cruise on a Private Yacht. That alone is enough time to visit all the wonderful spots in those places, sample the food and culture. Maybe on our 10th wedding anniversary this could be something Ralph and I would definitely try, a Greek Dream and Private Yacht Vacation.


I got a surprise yesterday. MIL went to get the mail, she came back inside carrying a green box. It was for me and it was from IZEA. I was so excited to open it, I kinda had an idea that it has something to do with St.Patricks Day. Inside was a green shirt, candies, lollipop, fortune cookie, pencil, Blu Frog dietary supplement, a card and fancy green necklace. I love green so today is my day. I hope you enjoyed your St. Patricks, as Kayla would say Shamrock day! Happy green day!


I am no different than most women, I love jewelry but I'm not really totally crazy about them. My grandmother on the other hand has so many jewelries and she loved wearing them. When I was old enough to wear real jewelry she even let me borrow some of her jewelry to wear in the church, parties and special school activities. My grandfather also wore jewelry, necklace, bracelet and of course a gold ring. I thought that only women wore and love jewelry. I was wrong, he loved the jewelry that my grandmother gave him. Its not uncommon in my country to men to wear a lot of jewelry. My grandfather would love looking the these Unique mens diamond rings, I'm sure he would love getting another one to add to his collection. He doesn't wear them on a daily basis though, only for special occasions. The one ring that I always remember him wearing was this gold ring with a horse shoe design adorned with tiny diamonds. He also had this big ring with a big ruby stone in the middle. If I could afford to buy my grandfather a ring it would be from CleverEve, they have the widest range of men's ring from wedding bands, Titanium rings, Diamond rings, Gemstone rings and Zirconium rings. If i could pick on ring it would the City Style Diamond Men's Ring in 18k white and yellow gold. If you guys are wondering why I'm not thinking of a jewelry for Ralph my husband, he doesn't wear a ring. He even takes off our wedding band when he is on duty so if he ever does a chase his fingers wont get caught on any wire on fences. But one day we hope to buy a new set of wedding bands to celebrate our union and for sure will look into these collection.


This was taken last Friday after the girls got out of school. From l-r is Tamara, Kayla, Kelly and of course the little monster munchkin Kaitlyn in from. For days the girls have been asking us parents if they could play in any of each other's houses. I offered to take the kids in since Kayla has been very very good and behaved. This is them eating popcorn and watching television. Tamara is the quiet mellow one, just goes with the flow. Kayla is the daredevil one, talkative. Kelly is the polite one. Both K's Kayla and Kelly always fight but they always make up. They are both strong willed. I hope the girls will stay friends until they grow up.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I don't know what other people say but I can smell and hear spring in the air. The birds are tweeter patting, you know just like in Bambi the cartoons? Planning a this years summer vacation is going to be stressful but fun at the same time. Wouldn't it be great to go on a vacation for free? We are in luck everyone, Kissimmee is giving away 3 weekend getaway for two, and 2 week long vacation for four. That is so cool. There is four of us so I have my one of the week long vacation. I have been wanting to visit Florida since I also have relatives there. If we go to Florida we well make sure we go to the theme park and have a blast with the kids. Kaitlyn is a little to small for the rides but I'm sure we could still find something she can enjoy there. As for Kayla she is big enough to get on most rides and she is not scared of anything at all. Since its in the center of Florida they have everything. Going there will never be boring and everyday will be filled with fun family activities. These are just a few of the things to do while in Kissimmee:

  • World Class Theme Parks
  • Attractions
  • Shopping
  • Golf
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Arts and Culture
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What more can you ask for in a Perfect Vacation. A place where they have it all. If you want this vacation join now, drawing will be between 4/15/09 - 5/21/09. Like they always say " the best things in life is free "



This summer we are really going to get Kaitlyn started on potty training. I do try and potty train her right now but I really want to do it this summer where she doesn't have to wear her pajama onesies. She does go poopy in her potty chair and would want to sit on it. She is even telling us know when she does poopy. She would stop and point to her little bottom and say " poopy ". When she is constipated its very easy to tell when she is going since she will not move and cry. I feel so bad when she gets so constipated, she has such a hard time going. But anyway, Kaitlyn loves her bear bear and brings him around everywhere we go. One day she was crying out by the bathroom door. She kept saying bear bear and when I opened the door this is where I found bear bear.
Kaitlyn thinks that bear bear also wants to do potty that's why she left him in there. It was so funny. Or course the potty is very very clean since she has not used it in a while. I guess I'm going to have to potty train 2 now, Kaitlyn and Mr. Bear bear.


Eating healthy is a big struggle for both me and Ralph. I have been trying to keep a healthy weight. Its not easy, I'm still young and I don't want to end up so fat and obese that I wont be able to enjoy my kids playing and run around with them. Ralph brother Angelo has gained weight ever since he had an accident with his back. Its really hard for him to maintain a good healthy weight. He was really considering about looking into weight loss surgery. He does go on a diet but its not enough anymore, cincinnati weight loss surgery is one of his options. He is absolutely against gastric bypass saying that he would rather have laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding which is more knows as lap band surgery. The good thing about this kind of weight loss surgery is that with the lap band its adjustable and reversible. And I totally agree with him. This way nothing is taken out from your body but everything is done to help ensure that you will get results. And after he has reached his goal weight and thinks that he can handle it without help he can always have it reversed. He should start looking into it right now and take care of his health concerns.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Everyday I am still in awe with the life I have now. A new country, a husband, a family and finally my firstborn daughter. It felt like it was only yesterday that I corresponded with an American man online. Online Dating nowadays is so easy specially when you know what your looking for in a future partner. There are online dating sites for swimmer, horse lovers, gay dating sites. For fitness enthusiast, athletes and sports minded individuals looking for that special partner in life Athletic Dating could be the right one for you. Compatibility is important in a relationship. Finding an online dating site where you get to meet people who has the same interest and outlook on life and health as you. Give your heart a work out it will never forget by joining a dating site that's just right for you.


We went to a party yesterday. Aiden is the son of Ralph friend Jeff and Krista, they are very nice loving couple. The party was being held at this place called Pump It Up, where they have this big inflatable slides, bouncy and obstacle course. Kayla was so excited to be there. We went into this big room with 3 huge inflatable things. One was a slide, the bouncy room and the obstacle course. Kayla immediately went to the slide and of course Kaitlyn wanted to go as well. I had to do it, and off we went climbing up those inflatable things. It was hard mind you, specially bending over and carrying a wriggling 16 month old. I was so scared the first time Kaitlyn and I both went down the slide. Boy oh boy! The baby was not scared and wanted to go right back up again. And she would literally go up by herself if i would let her. She was not afraid of the big girls or boys, she just wanted to be part of it. There was another girl a month younger than her and she just stayed by her mom. Kaitlyn was so brave, independent and a dare devil. Both girls had so much fun but both Ralph and I were pooped. I was specially proud of my big girl Kayla for being so well behaved, polite and nice to all the other kids and also to the parents that were there. Kaitlyn on the other hand was the bad one,lol.. But it was all good, we survived. Here are some photos that Ralph manage to take.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm so excited and just cant wait for spring to be here. Even if we had to wake up earlier than usual due to DST I'm still pumped about planning our next vacation. We just found out today that Kayla has been getting excellent grades and we are just happy and so proud of her achievement. Ralph has also been working non-stop and he really deserves a vacation. Now, we really have to think about a place were we all can enjoy. I have heard good things about Branson Missouri and the fact that they are having the Great American Pie Contest. I love pies and going to a place where you have the beauty of nature, maybe a lake ride, mature walks, golfing, dinner and theater is a whole package. I could even join in the Annual Pie Contest and win $2,500 in cash plus a vacation for two at Hilton Branson Convention Center . Ralph and I could see or even meet Al Roker from the Today Show. Even with the kids around both of us could still enjoy a fun filled day of fun and activity. We still have time to make arrangement since the Pie Contest is going to be on April 24-25. Since money is a little tight right now its still wouldn't be a problem with the special room rates that they are offering starting March 22, 2009. To those who love nature filled walks, live entertainment theaters, golfing and museum this is probably the best vacation package for you. Where else can you get all of this, only at Branson. Think about it and start making your reservations now.


Here are some pictures that we took on that big snowy day a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to upload it since it was on the other camera. Ralph was the one who took the photos seeing that i was so busy running around with a 16 month old. It had just gotten back from the big park and we decided to check out the small hill that was a couple of blocks away from the house. Kayla's friend Tamara was there with her mommy. They both had a blast! Kaitlyn even though she only had two turns down the hill she still enjoyed walking in the knee deep snow. That was a great day for us as a family.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Buying presents or stuff for other people is fun and challenging. You try to outdo yourself all the time by guessing what they would like to get. Next month is going to be my mom's 48th birthday. I hope my step dad get or find something my mom would really want. I know that like most men, he will get confuse on what to get her. I should probably tell him about this great gift ideas that my mom would really love to receive on her birthday. He will have a lot of choices ranging from electronic gadgets, flowers, perfume and many more. Ever since I left the Philippines, our constant form of communication is via the Internet hence the usefulness of the computer. Getting her a laptop at an affordable prize would be the perfect gift. I have not really showered my family with presents last year but I'm going to try to make up for it this year. My older sister is also celebrating her 32nd birthday this July and the nintendo Wii will be great for her. She might loose weight in a fun and different way and get my mom to exercise as well. Having a Nintendo wii ourselves, I'm absolutely sure they will have a blast playing with it.


Yesterday was a day of fun for all of use. When Kayla got home from school we played the Wii game and just laughed. I promised Kayla I would bake a cake for her and baby sister. I did manage to make the cake, it was my sister's recipe the "tie breaker cake". However I think my cake didnt come out as good as my sisters but it was still good. MIL on the other hand liked it a lot. So here is a picture of my little hams with the cake the I baked. Of course they gotta have candles to blow on the cake, lol.. For the complete recipe of this delicious cake head on over to INSANELYCHAY


This year my MIL just became a great great grandmother. She was so ecstatic to find out that her first grandson is going to be a dad. Of course like most parents she was worried how Andrew would be able to support his growing family. Andrew just got over a very trying time in his life and he has gotten himself together. He now has a good head on his shoulder and is working hard to make up for all the bad mistakes he had made. Seeing my MIL so excited for the birth of her great grandchild is contagious. I was thinking of making the newest member in the Schifano family extra special by getting a Birth Announcements. This will be a way of announcing and telling the world of Andrews new commitment, his new strength and his hope. With holiday photo cards you can have your choice of picture to have customized to fit any season. They also make customized wedding invitations, wedding announcements and other special occasions. With photo cards that are of high quality gloss photographs this will surely become a keepsake worth treasuring.


Being married to a husband who is in Law Enforcement make me one heck of a nervous wife, lol. I do worry about the safety of my husband and I get in a tizzy when he doesn't call to check in on us. Sure the shifting schedule is a bummer but he really enjoys upholding the law and making sure that our City will one day safe enough for all the young kids. Ralph has been a Police Officer for the City of Wilmington for about 8 years now and he loves the job. He also loves the gears and equipment he gets that comes along with the job. When he got his motorcycle riding qualification last year he got new gears. He is still in the look out though for the newest tactical gears and I told him that he should look into 5.11 Tactical Equipment. They have everything from gears, knives,clothing, footwear, field gear and many more. Getting a clothing gear that is not only comfortable but functional as well is important to him. I'm sure he will find a lot of interesting gears just for his needs.


A few months ago a did a post about this guy who did an excellent job of dancing along to the music video of Beyonce's " Single Ladies". I just love the way he dances and he just exudes confidence and is really a good dancer. Today, I just found out that he is Shane Mercado and he had been guest to the Bonny Hunt Show. But Im not going to post about his appearance there. Did you know that he finally got to meet Beyonce in person? Yup he did and Beyonce was so gracious in her compliments and was genuinely glad to see him. Here is that video :

I'm so glad for Shane and I hope to see him dance with Beyonce one of this days.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Spring is on its way and with that comes the planning stage of all the W for the coming summer. The W's, I mean is the when, where, who, what. This summer is extra special for us since Kaitlyn the baby of the family is older and can run around in the backyard with her big sister Kayla. One of the many things that Ralph and I planned for the girls is to go boating, beach outing, picnic in the backyard, water park and of course take them to an aquarium. Kayla has already been to one but she was too young to really enjoy everything. Kayla has been talking about dolphins and wanting to see one and touch one as well. Dolphin's are one of the most graceful animals in the water for me. They are not only naturally graceful but they are very gentle and playful around children. Did you know that you could experience the joy of watching them swimming and seeing all the tricks that they do and learn more about them?Dolphin Bubbles is the latest phenomenon that's taking sea world by storm.There is a show solely for the dolphins and is one of the most popular sites to see at sea world. One of the neatest tricks they do is blowing bubbles under water. Its really amazing how they can make a perfectly round bubble and maneuver it around under water. I was amaze when I saw the video, I didn't think they could do that. To see for yourself check out this video :

Wasn't that just amazing? The world is full of wonder and its up to us to take the time to watch and enjoy them.



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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The best thing about winter being over is the thought that spring and summer will be hopping along! I can't wait for summer to start this year. We already have lots of plans of where to take the kids and what to do to have some quality family time. One of the things that I look forward to is taking the kids out boating. We were not able to take both kids boating last summer since Kaitlyn was still to young and I get scared of the thought of bringing her. This year Kaitlyn will a year and a half and Kayla the older one will surely have a blast. The last time Ralph took Kayla boating was when she was 2-3 yrs of age. Two years ago Ralph took me out on our boat for mother's day and I had a wonderful time even if it was a little chilly that day. The one thing that Ralph does with his fellow cops is going out boating. It worries me that something might happen but i know my husband and he knows that Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix. They are all grown men and they do bring booze while out fishing but Ralph only drink one beer and that's his limit. Ralph is a good boater and he follows the rules and regulations set for all boaters and he is careful with the law and not to break them. After all he is a cop and he should be an example. People can be stupid when they are drunk. Some people do drink and go out boating and resulted in accidents in the water, damage to people's property and sometimes there is a fatality.

When he is out boating Ralph always makes sure that he brings his battery charger with him, he checks the life vest and checks the engine to make sure everything is in tip top shape and of course he always has lots of bottle water. This summer I know that if we ever go out boating with the girls I know that were all in good hands.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ever heard of the saying " Cleanliness is nest to Godlinesss?" As a parent I try to keep our home as clean and as safe as possible for my kids. When it comes to cleaning specially the bathroom i use a lot of products that have strong chemicals and also has strong odor. I'm a stay at home mom and Kaitlyn is always with me and when I'm cleaning I get scared that she may still inhale all those harmful fumes that's being released by the cleaning products that I use. I have heard so much about people using environment safe products like the MyCleaningProducts. There products not only works great on getting stubborn dirt, stains, molds and other stuff out but its also great for the family since the products infuses the home occupants with energy that comes from natural herbal ingredients. Looking into safe cleaning products should be a priority to parents like me. Getting a cleaning product that is safe for my kids is important and getting a product that really works is the big plus. One of my major problems cleaning the bathroom is the rust stain under the shower head. Its so hard to get rid of it and its literally a pain in the neck scrubbing just to get rid of it. If your looking into finding rust removers that actually works and safe for the environment give this product a shot. I saw the experiments they did to prove that the product really works wonders. If I had known about this before we would never had thrown away our set of small screw drivers that got rusted. Those stains, rust, molds and mildew better stay clear from me, I'm going to be armed with natural cleaning products next time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday i got a package in the mail. I wondered who it could be from. It was from mommy gen of Wonderful Things in Life, i got one of the special prizes she was giving away from her last contest the Spread the Love Giveaway. I have been to this author's blog and i love reading about her dad Harry. I actually started reading it last night, it seemed interesting and heartwarming. To mommy gen thank you for my special prize, i honestly love it. After reading this book ill go to the authors blog and say my piece on what i think about her book.

Friday, March 6, 2009


When I look at my MIL it saddens me that an active spirit like her is trapped in a body that is slowly sapping away her strength as well as deforming her. On bad days I try to help out as much as I can without making her feel that she has to be dependent on me. She is strong and a real fighter, she knows that her disease may deform her but it wont break her spirit.

Living here in America has opened my eyes about a lot of diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is one of them. I am living with a person who has RA and I am a witness to her pain, suffering and frustration. By the time my MIL reached 40 she already had progressive RA and it was affecting her life, her work and her lifestyle. Back then they didn't have the medication and treatments that are available today that could really have slowed down the progression of her RA. MIL reads and is a subscriber of Arthritis magazines and she has a good grip and understanding about her condition. She knows that in the long run if she doesn't take the proper medication and drugs her RA could affect some vital organs of her body like her heart and lungs. MIL has made it a point to read and learn as much as she can about her disease and to know what medication works for her. She has taken the following prescription/treatment : Celebrex, Prednisone, D-MARDS, (Plaquenil, Arava)Humira, Enbrel, Orencia, Remicade. Most of those medications really didn't work for her but she constantly tries new drugs and treatment. She is currently on Prednisone medication which is a steroid drug that helps control the inflammation and swelling. Arencia helps control the progression of her RA and as well as for her stiffness and pain. Living with RA has deformed her hard working hands and affected her walking. It makes her depress that she could not do as much as she use to, not able to do the simplest of things like opening a jar of sauce, tying her shoes or even getting out of bed, it really affects her emotionally. Mentally it drains all her thoughts. I asked her what she misses about her life before RA and she replied in a very simple way " I miss being active and the feeling of getting out of bed pain free". If she could create and ad for a prescription RA medication it would be both in a commercial and magazines. Why? Its a win win situation, for those who watch a lot of television they can see the ad while for those who are not fond of sitting around watching television and would rather prefer reading, they could read all about this drug/medication. One day she hopes that there will be a cure and treatment that can really stop the progression for this deforming disease.


I just finished watching Taken last night. I watched it on FILMHILL via mega video but it got stopped since you have to wait for how many minutes or so to continue watching it. I had to finish it so i stayed up until past 1 a.m. The movie is about a former spy whose daughter was kidnapped and sold into the slavery trade. Its about the love of a father for his child and the means he would take to rescue her. Story line is great and action was just wickedly brilliant. It was believable not like other action movies that has so many stunts that looks fake and not real. The calmness of "Liam Neeson" and the sound of his voice just made the movie perfect for me. This has instantly become one of my most favorite movie. Why? I see my husband in him. Ralph and Kayla, he has found long and hard to get her and we finally got her. I know in my heart that if anything happens to our girls/kids he will move heaven and earth to find them just like in the movies. You should watch it, great great great! If I had to rate it, it would be 10/10.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Having met my husband online was one of the greatest thing that happened to me. I have had relationship on the Internet but it never worked until i met him. The very first time we chatted online was like I knew him already. We were already comfortable with each other, we connected and knew right from the start that we were going to make our relationship work. Our main form of communication was chatting online. He would call me but i was the one who always insist that we just talk online to save money. Even if I could not hear his voice I could tell what he was feeling since he would use the emoticon. Getting Free Emoticons & Winks can make a big difference on an online conversation. It can also express your joy, happiness, surprise and frustrations. Its also fun to send each other those silly faces and winks. It works on Yahoo, Hotmail, Aim and Icq messengers. There are thousand of emoticons and winks to choose from and all contents are free.Get them right now and make your online chatting a little bit more fun and interesting.


Pictures were taken Feb 28,2009 on my MIL 67th birthday. Ralph was working, Kayla was with her mommy for the weekend. Angelo came down for the day and made us dinner, it was pork chops in tomato sauce. It was so delicious that i gorged on it so much, i could barely stand after.
We just had cake after with MIL blogwing the cake with Kaitlyn and the last picture is of her after having some of "mima's" brithday cake. Even if it was just the 4 of us we still had fun playing with the wii. I wished i could have done more for my MIL since she is such a big help to me. She love Yanni and I'll probably go to the mall one of this days and surprise her with his cd.


Traveling and going to places are just one of the few things we are looking into. I have been living here in America for every 2 years now but i have not been to any historical or tourist landmarks. At first it was due to my being pregnant and when I finally had the baby we didn't want to travel. I have always been a home body anyways but visiting wonderful places in Branson, Missouri like the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing would be wonderful. Not just for me and Ralph but also for the kids. Going this month would be perfect since they will be having the Young Christians Weekend. A weekend full of not only great rides and awesome music but also a weekend of praise and worship. Since our kids are still young its good to incorporate fun and worship. This would be one a perfect family fun get away where the kids can get to see nature and enjoy the activities offered by the hotel. There is something for daddy like golfing since his been really practicing on the wii game. A visit to the museum and the lake would be interesting and educational for the kids.

If your thinking of doing business HIlton Branson Convention Center Hotel can still be the place to go. With Amenities such as high speed Internet, concierge, fitness center onsite, with a business center and tempting restaurants on the property. Whether your visiting for business or pleasure your fun will surely be a memorable experience.


Free Pictures | acobox.comAfter all the fun time in the snow both kids are a little bit under the weather. Kaitlyn has been having a fever on and off. She was already seen by her pedia, she is clear of ear infection. It could be that she is teething again. She has been so grumpy and cranky lately. Kaitlyn enjoy being out and about that every time she sees or notices someone going out she goes to the door and looks for her coat. She gets so upset that she cant go out and would throw a temper tantrum. I feel bad for her since she must have cabin fever and I know she isn't feeling to good. I'm keeping a close eye on her and hope that we get our happy Kaitlyn back.


Have you thought about our environment lately? How we could save mother nature for our kids to enjoy? I have never thought about it at first but now that I'm a parent I want my future kids to be able to enjoy the world. To make it cleaner and safer for them. My BIL does recycling and I use to tell him its such a drag recycling and he turned and told me " we have to save our environment, we have to do our part", and he is right. In our household we use way to much paper products like paper towels, napkins and white paper for the kids to write on. To save our trees from being cut and converted to paper i was thinking of minimizing the use of paper towels by using cloth to wipe the counter and spilled liquids. To use table clothe napkins instead for napkins and re-using the back of junk mail papers for the kids to write on. Its not much but at least were doing something to help. I told Ralph that he should look into Dolphin Blue is a good source for Eco-friendly office supplies. It is the only online source where all products contain recycled materials. And that he should tell his office mates about it. Its going to save the city money and it will help save our environment. Us parents should start educating our kids about recycling and about saving our world. Every little thing counts.


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Monday, March 2, 2009


Wearing glasses has never been more fun, practical and fashionable. A few years back glasses didn't have the edgy, trendy look that we have today. Ralph used to wear this thick, ugly looking glasses when he was younger and he looked like a dork. Kids and adults alike are lucky that Zen Eyewear offers affordable, chic, trendy, practical eyewear to the optical industry. An eyewear that lets out the trendy and edgy you. Looking for an eyewear that fits your mood is just a blink away with all the collection of different styles and colors. With our economy today, we need affordability and style wrapped into one quality name.


What a snow!!! It did snow a lot last night and by the time we woke up our place was shrouded in blanket of white snow. This has been the most snow i have seen in two years i have been here. As soon as i got the kids eating breakfast and dressed we were off sledding to the big park with the big hill. The only bad thing about the weather was the gusty wind. Brrggghhhh! it was so cold. When we got there a lot of people were already going down the hill. It was a struggle getting on top of the hill with all the snow. I huffed and i puffed and i walked my way up to the big hill. Kaitlyn went down with Ralph and I with Kayla. It was a big and long drop but it was so fun. Kaitlyn and I were done after that one slide since it was way to cold for her and we trudged our way back to the car. I was about to cry from carrying Kaitlyn and the car looked so far away. It hurt to breathe and it was pure torture carrying how many pounds of so. We finally got in the car and after a few minutes Ralph and Kayla got in the car and left. We went to the small hill after, a couple of blocks away from our house. It was perfect and Kayla was with her friend Tamara as well. I didn't take any pictures, i was to busy taking care of Kaitlyn. All in all it was a fun family day out in the snow

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