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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Have you thought about our environment lately? How we could save mother nature for our kids to enjoy? I have never thought about it at first but now that I'm a parent I want my future kids to be able to enjoy the world. To make it cleaner and safer for them. My BIL does recycling and I use to tell him its such a drag recycling and he turned and told me " we have to save our environment, we have to do our part", and he is right. In our household we use way to much paper products like paper towels, napkins and white paper for the kids to write on. To save our trees from being cut and converted to paper i was thinking of minimizing the use of paper towels by using cloth to wipe the counter and spilled liquids. To use table clothe napkins instead for napkins and re-using the back of junk mail papers for the kids to write on. Its not much but at least were doing something to help. I told Ralph that he should look into Dolphin Blue is a good source for Eco-friendly office supplies. It is the only online source where all products contain recycled materials. And that he should tell his office mates about it. Its going to save the city money and it will help save our environment. Us parents should start educating our kids about recycling and about saving our world. Every little thing counts.



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