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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Pictures were taken Feb 28,2009 on my MIL 67th birthday. Ralph was working, Kayla was with her mommy for the weekend. Angelo came down for the day and made us dinner, it was pork chops in tomato sauce. It was so delicious that i gorged on it so much, i could barely stand after.
We just had cake after with MIL blogwing the cake with Kaitlyn and the last picture is of her after having some of "mima's" brithday cake. Even if it was just the 4 of us we still had fun playing with the wii. I wished i could have done more for my MIL since she is such a big help to me. She love Yanni and I'll probably go to the mall one of this days and surprise her with his cd.


Cecile said...

looks life you all have has fun :-)what a nice site to look at!

Anonymous said...

You are a very thoughtful and great DIL lodz, I think you did a good job in there. Love the cake MMMM... Look at your pretty2x kaitlyn she was having fun, malingaw ko iya hitsura with the cakes all over her face.

Momgen said...

hmm love the cake gai ko. napadala na anko ang package heheheh

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Agoy si baby K gakamuritsing na sa cake! hehehehe


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