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Thursday, March 19, 2009


It was a great day to play outside and just enjoy the radiating warmth of the sun. Kaitlyn was so busy playing in the sandbox even if she was all by herself since her big sister was still at school. After playing in the sandbox she got a hold on big sister's old cellphone toys. That reminded me of how life was before the cellphones. The line of communication was limited to the phone and landlines. When I first got here I saw no reason to get a cellphone of my own. That quickly change though when Kayla started going to pre-kindergarten. Ralph and I had to constantly communicate while he was at work. Why not just the land line? We sometimes go out and its very important that we stay in touch in case I need something of the girls need something. Good thing Ralph found Sprint cell phone deals and he got me my very first cell phone. It was flip, metallic pink phone. It was actually one of my birthday gift last year. How about you? Are you getting the best cellphone deals? Check out the site and get the best cell phone deals for you and your family.

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