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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Things are going to be interesting this year for Ralph's niece Kristen. She will finally graduate high school and turn the big 18. I wonder what she wants to do when she turns 18, I hope she goes on the right path and stay away from trouble. Kristen has always been a good kid, like most teenagers she does get moody according to her dad. For a while now we have been convincing Kristen to come down in Delaware and go to school here. She can always stay at our house providing that she gets a job to support herself while she is in school. My husband and I love her lots so when she turned 16 we had a family party just for her. We have not done that to any of Ralph's nephews and nieces just Kristen. In July she will finally be of legal age and can do with most of the things she wants. Will Ralph brother Larry give her a big bash when she turns 18? Probably not, but one thing for sure he will scour the stores, online to get the best 18th birthday gifts for him or her. Or he could get her the car she has been asking for. I wish her all the luck and hope she stays good.


Winter gives me a lot of excuses to eat. You can ask my family what I tell them whenever they see me eating a lot. I would always reply to them that I am hibernating and I need fats in my body to stay warm in this freezing weather. Its a pretty pathetic excuse but its an excuse nonetheless. For months now I have been craving, going crazy about eating a whole bunch of seafood. I miss eating seafood and I fee like the only time I can really get to eat seafood is in the spring and summertime. I drool at my friends pictures when I see them eating grabs, calamari, shrimps and fish. Growing up in a tropical country and surrounded with lots of water, I had my fill of seafood. Ralph also loves to eat seafood, whenever we go to our favorite Chinese buffet he would make a beeline for the seafood section. He love oysters, clams and lobster while I am more of into the crab and shrimp. Ralph knows that I really love crabs but he can't seem to find a good seafood market or even an online fish market. It doesn't matter to me where he got it as long as its fresh and good. With today's cutting edge technology and the Internet its already possible to by oysters online and not only get the best but the freshest.

Our 4th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and we have yet to decide on what to do that day. Go out to eat dinner or just have a big feast in the house. Having dinner in the house seems to be more promising if Ralph can buy seafood and get a lot. If he wants some action he better get me the biggest and meatiest crab and oysters for him.If you love seafood and can't seem to find a good seafood market near you, let your hands do the walking this time and check out all the links for the a great selection of seafood online.


Its been 6 months from my trip back home to the Philippines. Now that it has been months, it seems like it was so surreal. From the time I booked our flight online it was like going on a marathon. Packing, buying stuff to bring home, getting all the documents in order and just making sure we don't forget anything. It was good that Kaitlyn and I got to go back home before Airfare hikes go up again. And if I do get pregnant, we would probably have to win the lottery first before I can go back with my kids. Airlines are on the verge of hiking Airfare and fees. It was a topic that soon babies less than 2 yrs old will no longer fly free. Parents with more than 3 kids are really screwed if they fly. Here is report about what the new year may bring when it comes to air travel. We are diffinitely not flying anywhere anytime soon.

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