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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Its been 6 months from my trip back home to the Philippines. Now that it has been months, it seems like it was so surreal. From the time I booked our flight online it was like going on a marathon. Packing, buying stuff to bring home, getting all the documents in order and just making sure we don't forget anything. It was good that Kaitlyn and I got to go back home before Airfare hikes go up again. And if I do get pregnant, we would probably have to win the lottery first before I can go back with my kids. Airlines are on the verge of hiking Airfare and fees. It was a topic that soon babies less than 2 yrs old will no longer fly free. Parents with more than 3 kids are really screwed if they fly. Here is report about what the new year may bring when it comes to air travel. We are diffinitely not flying anywhere anytime soon.



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