The Designers Chic

Thursday, January 29, 2009


A couple of friends that i know are expecting an addition to the family. Yen-yen is expecting her second child somewhere around the end of august. She has been such a good friend although we don't see each other we try to keep in touch by Yahoo Messenger. I feel so excited when i know someone is pregnant but i also feel sad at the same time since i really want another baby. Since Yen-yen still doesn't know the sex of her baby as of yet but that wont stop me from getting her a personalized baby gifts . Giving her something personalized is my own way of telling her that i care and her friendship means a lot to me. The neat thing about giving someone a personalized gift is you can have the sex, name, date of birth and any other information embroidered onto the gift itself. Not only that you can also put pictures and design the templates yourself. offers a wide range of products from blankets, bibs, burp clothes to onesies that you can customize. You can pick from a thousands of designs and fonts or you can even choose a professionally designed ready made template that can be customized. Ordering and customizing your designs online is easy with no set up fees, no minimum quantities and fast shipping. Don't just give an expectant mom or a new mom anything, give her a personalized baby gift.

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