The Designers Chic

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Food has always been my passion. If you put food beside a cute dress, cellphone or anything else I would make a bee line for the food right away. Its a no brainer picking the food. I just get a whole sense of fulfillment when I take that first bite, followed by more. I grew up skinny as a twig, I ate like a horse but I was still a bean pole. They could not understand why I was so skinny. It eventually caught up on me when I matured. Those times that I was gaining weight I thought I looked more fuller and curvier. Thoughts of taking fat burning product never crossed my mind. Back then all I had to do was cut down on one thing, my rice intake. The first time I cut down on my rice I lost weight in less than a month. My cousin was so shocked to see how much I lost and how fast I did it. I didn't have to be hungry but I did have to stay away from the table as soon as I was done eating so to avoid temptation. Have to tried cutting down on a certain food you like?

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