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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As the end of the Holiday looms beyond our reach comes the end of another year. And with that end comes a new beginning, a new year. A chance to live for another year and As like most parents I'm sure we all must have a million more or so photos of our children, family and friends when we celebrated the Holidays and all the special events. In every gathering a picture must be taken to capture the moment and what better way to show off those captured moments than with a Digital Photo Frame of your very own. It has the added bonus of easy storage without the hassle. Long gone were the days where photos are placed inside a picture frames one by one. Parents with a lot of children that can mean a lot of picture frames just to accommodate all the wonderful moments. The solution for a clutter free and innovative way of storing photos are finally here with CEIVA Digital Picture Frame. The elegant and exquisite frames will compliment any decoration in the house. It's easy to use with no hassle of transferring photos from your camera to your computer and then to the picture frame. Even family members can easily send their pictures to you without the big hassle. Take it easy and get one for yourself now and show off those memorable captured moments that is worth remembering.

Monday, December 29, 2008


This year has been full of many surprises, ups and down but still i have had a wonderful year. Christmas was at Angelo's house as it was his turn to host this year's celebration. Christmas Day at last has come and the kids get to open presents. We had to wait for Ralph to arrive from picking up Kayla at her mother's. Kaitlyn just woke up from her nap and was so happy to see her big sister when she came downstairs. She helped Kayla open her presents and she also got to open more presents. The best gift that Kaitlyn gave to me was a simple hug. I was helping her open her present with a stuffed bear inside, as soon as we got it out of the box she hugged it and held it to her chest so tight and ran over to me to give me a big hug. That moment i almost cried from the sweetness and spontaneity that my daughter showed to me. I tell you that was better than anything else in the world. The best ever gift i got from Kaitlyn was simple hug, a hug full of love and acceptance. I love you Langga.


Spending time with the family is one of the most important priorities in our life. It matters not the quantity but the quality of time you spent with your family, specially your children. As Ralph is constantly working making ends meet we still manage to make time for the kids. One of the many fun things we do is watch a movie together as a whole family. Kayla and Ralph makes the popcorn while i take care of the drinks. We all a settle down on the couch and watch not just any movie but a family movie that both us and the kids would also enjoy watching. There is one movie that i have heard so much about the All Roads Lead Home The Movie. Ralph and I make it a point to watch movies that have messages and explain it to our growing girl Kayla so she can learn valuable lessons like in the movie. And this movie will be perfect for our family movie night. Like the movie we like to instill values in our home specially in our girls and this movie is just perfect for us to watch. And who knows this might become one of our favorite movies to watch as a family.


A lot has happened since our old computer finally croaked and gave up on me. I haven't really been updating my blog since using the old computer would just aggravate me so much because of the slowness. I must admit though that not being able to get online as much as i used to have made me realize that i have forgotten and let go of some of my responsibility. Before i start and jabber about those things i want to share the kids pictures when we took them to Christiana Mall to see Santa Claus.

This will be Kaitlyn's first Santa experience and we were all apprehensive about her reaction to the jolly old man in the red suit. I dressed up Kayla in the outfit that her Uncle Angelo and Aunt Debbie picked for her and as for Kaitlyn i dressed her up in one of her many hand me down dresses from her cousins. Both girls looked so adorable specially my big girl Kayla. She looked like a young lady with her hair down, in a skirt and big girl shoes. When we got to the mall there was a long line of parents, kids and grandparents waiting for their turn. Since we brought along Kaitlyn's little bear harness we took her out of her stroller and let her walk around the mall. It was so funny coz most parents said that they should have thought about getting a harness for there little one as well so they could at least walk about but still be attached to a parent. Kaitlyn loved walking and would just barrel through the throng of people walking. It was as if she own the whole mall, lol. To make the story short she cried when it was there turn to sit on Santa's lap. At least we got a picture of her before she started bawling like a baby. It was a fun wonderful day for us as a family. After, the four of us went to our favorite Chinese buffet and had a wonderful dinner.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas to one and all! I would like to thank the bloggers and my friends who keep dropping by even though i haven't been active. We just got our new cpu on the 24th but we are still figuring out some things so pardon my absence if i am not able to visits and drop on you guys. Again MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THANKS!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Its the Holiday, with it comes the time to think about the greatest gift that i have ever received. The greatest gift i got hands down is the birth of my first born Kaitlyn. She is not only the greatest gift i have ever received but she is also the best gift that i gave to my husband since she was also born on his birthday. Kaitlyn is the greatest gift, the gift of life that i have protected and nourished inside of my body for 40 weeks. Her birth was not only precious, memorable but a miracle in itself. With the miracle of her birth i hope to bestow the gift of C'Elle - the ability to preserve and restore life. With today's technology it is only right that we accept, learn and give the opportunity to preserve, restore and make someones life better. With C'ELLE's technology they have allowed women like me and my sister to harvest what we thought to be waste, our menstrual blood. Now, there is another way to preserve life saving blood without being intrusive and expensive. My sister will be a great candidate for this since our mother has a heart disease and in the near future this could be the way to saving our mother's life, my sister's life and my own. Nothing can beat the gift of life! I have thought about it, have you?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thursday we drove the kids to see the Christmas lights. This was a house somewhere in Wilmington that is always decked out with Christmas decoration. A lot of people have been coming by there as it is always up for the Holidays. We also brought along one of Kayla's friend Kelly since her mom and dad were working and we happen to have another booster seat for her so it was not a problem at all. The girls enjoyed it so much that they kept running around and saying look at that! Kaitlyn was also enjoying just walking and looking at all the blinking and different lights. It was cold so we really had all the girl dress up warmly. So here are some of the pictures we took.

Friday, December 19, 2008


How many pets do you have in your household? If you ask me, i feel like a home is not complete without a pet. We have exactly 4 pets in the house a dog, 2 cats, and a very noisy guinea pig. We all love our pets and they become a part of our family, some even go as far as treating pets as if they were children. Pets no matter what they are need love, care, attention and most specially they need to be seen regularly by a vet. In our case, we had to forgo the vet visits for a year now since we are really tight with the budget. I does make us worry about the health of our pets since our two girls play with them on a daily basis. Its good to know that Pet Information is available online and is easily accessible. The site has all the information a pet owner would like to know from breed, to health, to behaviour. Its a very helpful site as it even has latest news about anything that pertains to our little or big pets. When you sign on you can keep track of your pets important records, make a detailed profile of your pets, set and manage helpful reminders and connect with other members. If you want more information about pet care just visit the site and for sure you will find the answer to your questions.


I'm finally back!!!!!! Whew, what a week it has been. We got the pc up and running the other day. Thought it was all fine until the next day when i woke up. When i sat down to check on stuff i found some very interesting site that had been downloaded on my pc and desktop, A PORN SITE!. Now i know i didn't install it and nor has my husband been using the computer except to try and fix it. I almost tore my hair out again from frustration. I stood up and just watched television until my husband woke up and told him about what happened. We had to redo the restore all over again. Hopefully this will stay up and running until we can afford to get a new pc. Until now we dont exactly know what caused our computer to crash. Even though we ended up loosing all our girls pictures at least i got most of them saved on a cd and all his important files saved in this thumb driver thingy,lol.. Im happy to be back and i have risen from the ashes!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm so happy right now since our computer is up and running but at the back of my mind I'm still apprehensive and pessimistic about the way our computer is running. As soon as our computer got fixed i just about did a dance for joy and relief that i will finally have connection to the Internet and continue with my blogging and talk to my family. Speaking of dance, have you heard of Evolution Of Dance starring YOU!? I tell you this is a great site if you love dancing and actually daydream about dancing on the world wide web to your hearts content. This isn't just a dance site mind you, but you can also get a sneak peak of songs and dance of Evolution of Dance 2. This is an interactive site where you can also check out which is the number 1 leading home shopping comparison site that is on the web. With the Holidays fast approaching, we need all the resources we can get to find out great deals about anything you can think of giving to your families, co-workers, boss, and friends. If you want to be practical this Holiday about saving money and be able to give at the same time, just sign up and watch yourself dance to your hearts content while your at it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008





Saturday, December 13, 2008


Do you have a sweet tooth? Are there times where you just crave for something sinfully sweet that even if you know its bad you still want it and would eat it over and over again until you have your fill? Well I do and so does my husband. I was also thinking about my step dad since he loves to eat anything that is sweet specially if its (Biko) sweet rice with caramel or something like that. Eating to much sweets has got to be bad for the health and could put us at risk for the dreaded diabetes. I have got to start cleaning up my act about eating healthy for the sake of my kids and also for me. For people like me we don't necessarily have to stop eating that sinfully sweet cake when you use Erythritol. Its a product of Emerald Forest which is a natural sweetener that is not only safe for our teeth but is also safe for people with diabetes. Ralph's brother has diabetes so this is actually good for him so he can still enjoy the sweetness without worrying about his blood sugar going up.


Tomorrow will be the day we take the kids to Christiana Mall to see Santa Claus. I'm very curious to see what Kaitlyn's reaction to be seeing Santa and being on his lap now that she has a perception of who are family and who are strangers. It will be very very interesting to see if she will freak out or flirt with Santa, lol. My day was spent folding most of Kaitlyn's clothes and thinking were and when will she be able to wear her hand me downs from her cousins. I still haven't finished putting away all the clothes since i got so bored with folding and i hate it! Doing laundry is never ending, one minute everything is washed, folded and put away the next there is a whole mountain pile of soiled clothes to be washed again! Will there be a day where there are no clothes in the laundry basket? That would be a miracle if that happens.


For the past weeks i have not really been feeling up to par. Then i realized that i am so stressed out with everything. As a stay at home mom i deal with everything in the house, with the cleaning, cooking, organizing, baby duty and all that stuff not to mention the stress of worrying about my husband while he is at work. I need something to help me cope and manage my daily activities without overwhelming me into getting stressed. I wish i could go to a place where they have stress speaker and just have someone who can I talk to and can help me out. The Stress Institute is a site where i got to read about the effects of stress and how to manage them. Stress can affect your health and well being and what is so wonderful about it is they explain our healthy can be affected by the stress and how it can be managed and avoided. I never thought that stress could do so much damage to my health, my life and family as a whole. Being a stay at home mom is not an easy feat as i thought it would be, but with my new found knowledge i have the edge of overcoming my stress and learning how deal with it. So to all parents out there you are not alone, we can deal with it and live a happy stress free life.


Yesterday was not only cold but very windy. You could hear the howling and whistling of the wind outside. I didn't want to go out but i had no choice, hubby already left to do some overtime and i had to pick up Kayla at the bus stop. To make matters worse, i had to bring the baby with me in the blistering cold since MIL had a doctors appointment and had to leave. Leaving the baby in the house is totally out of the question. Kaitlyn loves going outside and i know she would enjoy going out to pick her big sister at the bus stop. Before it was time for us to go i made sure the baby was bundled up warmly and of course me. When we got out she was so happy and just wanted to walk and walk, if i picked her up she would wiggle to get down. Every time a big wind would come she would giggle and smile, she loved the cold wind on her face. I was freezing my butt off at the bus stop but there she was all smiles and happy walking around. I wish i had my children's tolerance for the cold.


With today's failing economy and on the brink of recession we need all the help and resources we can get. As a homemaker you have to make adjustments in spending on things that are wants and the needs. My husband was divorced and with that he has been carrying an excess baggage of debts that needs to be paid and taken care of.We need a way to get rid of his debt without sacrificing on important stuff. We have already cut down on our spending and switched to another cellphone provider just so we can manage our bills and start paying off his debts. I spoke to him about Debt Cosolidation to help us better manage our money problem. The site offers a great deal of resources on how to better manage debts and is explained down to the very last detail. Ralph is the one who takes care and budgets the money and he needs help on how to manage his credit card debt, how to get student loan debt consolidation and they have many more resources you can choose from that can help you. Hopefully by the end of next year we will be over and done with all this debts and we can stop worrying about our growing debt.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is Kaitlyn in a box. You may be wondering why she isnt wearing a shirt. Here is the story:

When daddy got home from walking her big sister to the bus stop he decided to finish sorting the stuff in the basement. We didnt get to finish it the last time since Kaitlyn was getting so cranky and would touch and put everything in her mouth in the basement. So this morning we tried again with her and she was very calm, happy and just content sitting in her walker with some plastic spoons as toys. After a while she did get bored and i took her out and let her walk around. She tripped, fell and got dirty with all the stuff that was down there and we finally came up she was filthy. Its warm inside so i just left her without a shirt on and let her walk around for a little bit before she goes down for her afternoon nap. Rest assured she will have a shirt on! I just couldnt resist taking a snap of her in the box, my little trouble maker makes us all laugh!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In today's economy I always wonder and worry if we will be able to manage a house, pool, cars and having another baby. In a one income family you cant help but worry about these thing. In the process we forgo with things that we really need since we have to first priorities the bills. Like take for example my husband, he wears glasses and he needed one right away. We couldn't replace his new glasses right away since it was to expensive and he had to wait. Finally he got a new glasses that cost so much. If only we knew that there were affordable inexpensive eyeglasses that we could purchased, he could have had a new pair of prescription eyeglasses right away. Things like that doesn't have to wait with Optical4less where you can get a top of the line inexpensive eyeglasses. They are not only affordable and easy on the budget they also have wide range of products including : tinted sunglasses, bifocal reading glasses, photochromic sunglasses and progressive reading sunglasses. It doesnt stop there, they do worldwide free shipping ( with order of more than 1 ) , fast delivery speed, virtual try-on system, and fashion trendy stylish frames for everyone.Now, if Ralph ever ruins or breaks his glasses we wont have to fret and worry about getting him a new one now that we know we can get quality, inexpensive prescription eyeglasses for him.


This video was taken when Kaitlyn my little terror was only 9 months old. She looked so different here and still such a baby. It was a typical morning for us and she was getting cranky since she was hungry and really wanted to eat. I didn't expect her to grab the cheerio before it even touched her little table. She has always been a good eater and this is one memory of her that i will treasure. This shows her being the little piggy that she is and she is like me, enjoying the finer things in life and that is FOOD!


As a parent you are always in the look out for anything that you think would put your children in danger. In the world and society that we live in, it is no longer safe for our kids. We have to keep watch on who our children associate with specially older people since we don't know if they are violent, sexual offenders or criminals. With the help of Prison Inmate Locator you can keep track and find out the records and whereabouts of criminals in your area. You can find federal records of anyone in any county, city and state in your area. It always pay to be aware and vigilant when it comes to the safety of your family.


Ye hey! I got a reprieve today from going out in the cold morning to walk Kayla to the bus stop. Since Ralph was home he usually walks her and also gets her at the bus stop in the afternoon. He knows i hate going outside in the cold weather and he takes pity on me. I just wake him up when its almost time to go out the door. The baby would cry every time they would leave, wanting to go out in the cold weather. If only it wasn't so darn cold i would take her out for a stroll but now that its definitely winter its out of the question. She is just stuck here in the house with me and terrorizing the dog and cats and making a mess of the whole house. Poor mama will have to clean up after her but still, i would rather stay inside than go outside...

Monday, December 8, 2008


Have you ever had the urge to find out if you got the best of the best product out in the market today? Here is a site that you can find out reviews of products from toys, books, technology, sports to games they have it all at Ebooks Review. Its the easiest way to find out new product releases and how consumers are rating certain products. Now you don't have to keep on searching and end up on the wrong places just trust the experts and you will definitely learn from the best.


This was taken at Christiana Mall February 19,2007 the day we found out i was pregnant. We went to the mall so Kayla could look around and throw pennies at the fountain. After going to the mall we stopped by at Happy Harry's to get a home pregnancy test. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I noticed that my body was changing and i didn't get my monthly cycle. As soon as we got home i did the test and Ralph was so excited wanting to know. I asked him to come upstairs to look at it and it sure was positive. He was so happy, i was happy but scared. We didn't plan on getting pregnant right away. Still we accepted it with open arms and I loved the child growing inside of me right away. I thought i was going to have a boy but i was so wrong,lol.


Do you consider yourself a crafty person? Some of my family and friends think I'm a crafty and creative person. I owe that all to my mom who always find ways to fix or to make things. Back home I use to help my family with making fashion accessories. It was hard work, time consuming but rewarding at the same time. We would stay up all night long making it and delivering it to a company after a period of time. Since then, my mother and sister have made there own creation but had no idea where and how to sell them. I just recently come across that helps artist and ordinary people sell their artwork and crafts at no fee.

Creating one's own website to sell and display your work can be hard, frustrating and very very time consuming. If you want a hassle free way of selling your craft and art work product this is the only way to go. And not just that, when you join the community you are also supporting organizations that help protect our world. Where else can you find a place in the world wide web that helps you show off your handiwork, crafts, arts and also helps you sell it at no extra cost? To all those people whose hobbies are making beautiful crafty art works, this is the community that will help you sell your work and meet very interesting people like yourself at the same time.


Its been two years that we have moved in this house but yet we still have unpacked boxes in the basement. The basement is not finished and is overflowing with an accumulation of junk, old stuff, new stuff, boxes. You would not believe how messy it is down there. Today Ralph finally got us doing some clearing up of the basement, we still haven't finished yet since that baby was with us and would not allow us to clean up. Finally the baby is down for her nap and will probably sleep for 2 hours, cross my fingers and we will continue with what we stated earlier. Hopefully in 2-5 years we will have the basement finished so it will add value to the house and give us another room for the kids or even a guest room. We still have a lot of projects and improvement to do with the house but we are doing it one at a time. As the saying goes " slowly but surely"


Its the season of love, season of hope, season of giving and of hope. This Christmas let us give and share our love,joy and hope by giving. We are so lucky that we have service men and women who protect us, our children and our country. Most of the service men and women wont be with there families to welcome the holiday season but we can still make it beautiful and a joyous season for them. This holiday season let us give back by donating to the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry. This is the best thing we can do for them and their families this Christmas. This is our chance to give back and thank them for the good job they are doing of protecting us. With every single dollar you donate this will give one child something more to look forward to come Christmas morning. Presents and gifts wont be able to replace the missing loved this holiday season but it will let them know they are special and that someone cares for them. Donations made will help purchase things like shoes, coats, hats and will be divided equally among all the families. Donations made are not tax deductible but the most important thing is we are thinking for them and showing them we care.



Smokey my MIL's cat is fat, lazy and mean. Even with all this everybody still loves him specially the baby. She would follow him everywhere and tries to give him hugs and kisses all the time. Smokey has this disposition that he will only come to you at his convenience and will swat, hiss and scratch you if his not in the mood. He has scratched the baby a couple of times on the side of the face already but nothing really major. About 5 days ago Smokey finally did something,he bit the baby on the forearm. He was getting annoyed at the baby trying to give him some loving and just kept pushing on his back. I just turned my head when i heard the baby crying and holding her arm. I thought he just scratched her so i pulled up her sleeve but could not find a mark but the baby was still crying hard. I pulled up the sleeve further and saw two puncture wound on her arm. It was a bite mark, Smokey finally gave in and bit her. Good thing it really didn't penetrate the skin but left indents of his fangs. When the baby saw the cat again she screamed right at him, she was so angry screaming at him,lol.. Now i don't take chances of leaving her with Smokey. They still both love each other.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


It was just August of this year when i joined and tried my hand at blogging. I tell you, i had no clue as to what i was going to do. It was times like that, that i wished i was a geek, computer savvy or a genius. Its frustrating starting or doing something that you clearly have no idea about. All i wanted to do was start a blog and just create my own masterpiece in the world wide web, wrong! I needed find out a good hosting site and i did find one. Now that i know a little bit more than when i started i would recommend that new blogger like me weather your blogging for business, advertising or just personal take a few moment to find a webhost that will fit and answer all your needs. Sure there are more than a dozen web hosting sites out that lures and gives out promises but never deliver. This is where webhostingeeks can help you out. The site not only provides you with the best web hosting sites but it also gives you an idea of how it works and best of all you can read the reviews for yourself and compare the biggest and the most popular hosting sites in the web. You want to learn more? Just see for yourself,check them out and be a part of the smart geeks on the web.


I hate to admit it but my family and friends are right, i have let myself go. I use to be this sexy young hip beautiful lady back home. I guess that was also one of the reason i caught husbands attention. I loved wearing short shorts, mini skirts and just look beautiful. I looked like a woman of the world and i looked like a party goer, i was never one of those. I did dress sexy but i was different, i was conservative in a way. I loved flirting but only up to that, if i see a guy really pursuing me i stop and just shy away. My mother calls me a tease,lol. Now, i feel just like a blob! I wear matching sweats and pants, i don't comb my hair, in short i look like the typical frumpy wife! Hubby bless his soul has never complained about my appearance but i know in his heart he wants his sexy wife back. I have been told my family that i should wake up and start looking for the old me back. I'm starting to work on that and its going to take time but ill get there soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Christmas is just around the corner, you hear the holiday songs on television and everywhere. Kids are excited for Christmas day to come so they can see what Santa left under the tree. Christmas is the time to be with family and just be able to enjoy each others company. As a parent, we get frantic as the holidays come near looking and getting the hottest toys out in the market. Before you go nuts holiday shopping for your kids toys,disney magic has the newest and hottest toys out in the market. Shopping for parents has never been easier this Christmas. You want age appropriate toys, they have it and they just have a wide range of toys from different brands you can choose from at an excellent price. You still have time, so be smart and do your shopping at the one place. You know you will get your money's worth and you will surely see the joy and happiness in your children's eyes come Christmas morning when they open gifts to find the toys they wished for.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I was just on the phone with Jacy when my brother-in law called. I had to tell her ill call her back so i could answer him and who would have thought that id find him outside our door at this time of night. I was talking to him when i heard the doorbell and asked him on the phone if it was him and it sure was. He is lucky i opened the door for him or else he would have frozen his butt off outside,lol.. His going with hubby tomorrow for his ride along. He is applying to be a police officer and one of the requirements is that you ride along with an officer and get a feel of what the job is actually about. He is lucky he's riding with his brother but the downside is he will have to stay in the car the whole time as he will just be an observer. I just hope Larry will get accepted and become a cop like hubby. Good luck Lawrence!!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Now that its winter Ralph and I have been talking and planning for our next summer vacation. This year we had our own pool constructed and finished the day before 4th of July. Even though we already have our little own vacations pot in our backyard its still important for us to go on summer trip so the girls can see new places, meet new people and experience new things. This is where Jersey Shore and Wildwood hotels comes in. Its just a drive away where we wont have trouble looking for a good place to stay that is near the amusement park. The amusement park has everything from the family hotels, where both parents and kids can both enjoy at the same time. That has got to be the perfect vacation ever that is just near our place. The water parks are just simply amazing, spectacular and there are more activities and rides for the kids. If you want to know what real summer is really all about this is it, Morey's Piers and I'm not done yet. They are having an Annual Holiday Sale that started December 1 , 2008 and ends next year January 9, 2010. Hurry and start planning your next summer vacation as early as now and save up to 40% on seasons passes to both water parks. Make next year's summer vacation something your kids will always remember!


Last month November 24,08 Ralph decided he would take both kids out. First it was suppose to be Kaitlyn and Daddy date so i could get Kaitlyn out of the house while i put the house in order in preparation for the coming Thanksgiving holiday. He didn't wake up early enough and decided instead to take both kids Kayla and Kaitlyn to Chuckee Cheese. A daddy-daughter date out with just him and his girls, no mama around. I said yes since it will be my chance to straighten up the house without worrying and getting distracted. However i changed my mind, I was afraid that daddy might not be able to handle both girls at chuckee cheese and he wont be able to bond with Kayla since she will be going back to her mommy's the following day and we wouldn't see her until the next Sunday. The last time we went there was when Kaitlyn was only 3-5 months old. It was different this time, she could walk and play with other kids there. She liked it so much and enjoyed going on the carousel ride. Anyway here are some pictures of the girls..


How many of us are going nuts thinking about what to give our friends or family. We want to give something that is unique yet memorable. Giving expectant parents baby clothes, crib, stroller and many more is very common and not out of the ordinary. Wouldn't it be neat to give someone the gift of life or the chance at a second life? With Cryo-Cell as a gift for relatives or friends that are expecting, this will give them the gift of preserving life and the chance to save a life. Why is this a great gift for expectant parents? With the arrival of the new addition to a family the new parents can save there child's stem sells found in cord blood of a newborn infant. Its both safe for mother and child and the service is done by very capable, and qualified professionals. They can store and save the stem cells and use it when a that child or a family member gets sick from diseases. One of the few benefits for the Cryo-Cell is the treatment of diseases like anemia, leukemia, diabetes, cerebral palsy and lymphoma. It could not only save the life of a child but the life of a parent or relative as well. Life is to precious and with this we can do our part to help protect and preserve a life of a loved one.


Kaitlyn has not a single tooth in her mouth but yet she enjoys the finest things in life, food. She started eating baby food when she was only 3 months old and now that she is 13 months old she has been wanting to eat big person food. She would only eat baby foods that are fruits but the rest she wants the big girl food. She enjoys toast, spaghetti, fish, chicken, meat and just about anything that constitute food. Its funny how baby's get so messy eating food and how much they enjoy it eating it as well as wearing it. Here are some pictures of Kaitlyn eating.



chocolate cake

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Having kids and travelling with them is hard enough as it is. You don't put them in a car that has no working air conditioning in the scorching hot summer sun. You parents know what i mean, they get cranky and the crying starts. You don't want to be stuck driving for how many minutes with a child in a warm or hot car. Its better to have a well ventilated and cool car while going on for a ride in a car with good working AC. That is why its important to check your A/C compressor. With my two kids they get so warm right away and its important to have a well maintained Air conditioning unit in the car. If your worried that they wont have the parts to you car, don't. 1airconditioning has the widest selection of Air Conditioning Compressors, Air Conditioning condenser, and other AC parts. They also offer a warranty of everything, free shipment and online and phone support system. Check out there website and find out for yourself.


Isn't it amazing that we have so much technology at our hands? Like for example the Internet, it allows us to communicate to our loved ones and friends from all over the globe. I specially love the voice calls and the web cam, i get to see my family on a daily basis and get to talk to them without having to pay for any phone bill. Just this morning my grandfather arrived at my mom and i talked to him online. I knew my aunt missed my grandfather so much so i decided to call her on the land line and tried to put it on speaker to see if she and my grandfather can hear each other. And it worked, they talked for a long time. My grandfather on the Internet way back in the Philippines while my aunt is on the phone in Chicago. Isn't technology simply amazing?

Monday, December 1, 2008


Having a husband who loves riding a motorcycle i hear a lot of things about what would make there ride look more cool. Ralph's brother Larry just bought a new motorcycle and he is looking into getting new accessories for his new love. All he needs is the right accessories to make his biker look be complete and i just found a way for him. I bet his bike would look amazing with harley davidson parts even though his ride isn't one. They have it all from Chrome accessories, to seats, to windshield, even alarms, locks and covers. If he wants his motorcycle to look and feel like a Harley Davidson RealHog is the place to get them.


Even though we really didn't have to go out to get the milk, burger rolls, and bread we still braved the cold since Kaitlyn really wants to go out. She has been pointing to her jacket and wanting to go ba-byes. I felt so sorry for her, MIL volunteer to get the stuff while we stayed at home but we opted to go with her so at least Kaitlyn can get outside. I dressed her up in her new hand-me-down outfits from her cousins. We were just going to be out for a little bit but still i dressed her up really good. While we were at Walmart she walked like she own the whole place, she didn't care if there were people waiting behind her to pass,heheheh.. They all thought she was adorable, to bad i forgot to bring her harness so she could have walked more in the store. Next time ill be sure to bring it with me.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


On of my biggest concern is the travelling we do on a weekly basis. Now that its winter is makes me more apprehensive about us going on the road in rough weather. Thanks to steering rack our traveling will go without a hitch. It will not only protect and make driving safer but its affordable to all consumers like us. If your thinking about changing the power steering box, or steering box in your car, check out the site and your will get the highest quality at affordable price.


Since its winter there are a lot of changes not just for us humans but also for animals. Some animals hybernate and some migrate to other warmer climate. Just about 2 hours ago MIL called me in the family room and pointed outside the deck and out backyard. The backyard was swarming with black birds and so were the trees. It was everywhere not just in our backyard but also our nieghbours. It was kind of scary since you see horror movies that birds swarm and they kill. The birds would fly off and then land on the ground, trees or rooftop again and again. It was like they were in separate groups. The first group would land and eat for a minute then they would take off to the sky then the next bacth would land again. That went on for about 5 minutes. I got scared thinking it was a bad sign or a omen of some sort then i got to thinking, that its already winter so the birds are probably starting to migrate. It was
beautiful to watch but scary, it gave me goosebumps. It was my first time to see birds that many. the three lights you see in the pictures is not flying saucer or alien craft but the reflection of out lights on the glass door.


Worried that you didn't go out on the Black Friday rush to get a piece of the biggest sales and discounts in the malls? Worry no more Nikon Black Friday Promo is still going on. Do you have a relative or a close family friend that loves to go hunting? This is where to get the perfect gift for that person.

The Ultimate Hunters Package that includes the ProStaff 3-9x40 Riflescope with BDC Reticle, ProStaff Lasser Rangefinder Case, Silent Technology Rangefinder Case, Mastering a long-range shot with BDC DVD. Hurry now and get a piece of the Black Friday deal they are offering that also includes high quality rugged outdoor binoculars that you can take on hikes to take a close up look at the beauty of nature.


My husband is a very busy man but yet he doesnt forget to write me small notes or bring little somethings for me. Just the other week he was working so long and barely had time to see us. He would call and tell us how he missed us and wish he was not working so he could spend time with us. One day he came home early and we were still sleeping, when we woke up and came downstairs i found the note for the girls on the kitchen tabel. I was a little sad that he didnt include me in the note. When i went to fix Kayla breakfast i noticed something on the counter,it was for me from him. He didnt forget me, he got me something i really like, donuts at Wawa. After walking Kayla to the bus stop i went up to kiss him and say thank you for remembering us and for being so sweet. We love you so much daddy!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Christmas shopping time and i still haven't bought anything for my nieces and nephews. . It's important that you get them something that they love to wear and show there friends. You would think its better to buy gifts for smaller children but its not.Teenagers are hard to please but if you pay attention to what they hear, listen and watch you get a clear idea of what to get them. Last Christmas we didn't get any of his niece and nephew anything and this time i want to make sure i get them something that they will surely like.Ralph's niece Kristen is 16 and would want something like For Camp Rock Fans-Jonas Brothers. She loved the movie Camp Rock and watched it with her friends so its just fitting that I get her something that she will love. For parents, uncles, aunts and relatives you don't have to fret if you have teenage boys. There is a Large selection of Jonas Brothers Stuff that you can choose from. The items ranges from clothes like hoodie sweaters or jackets, shirts,posters, hats,umbrellas, bags and many more cool stuff. Worried about the cost? Don't be, since all the items are of reasonable prices that wont surely hurt your budget. All this items can be found at your favorite stores but why go out when you can select any item right at your own house via online shopping.I'm pretty sure that they will think your cool for having thought of it. Christmas shopping has never been easier this year.


Kaitlyn is already 13 months old and she is a handful. She gets into her little mischief mood and would just make a mess of the whole playroom and the family room. She would take out all her toys and throw it around, open my cabinet containing all plastic bowl Tupperware and just scatter them around the kitchen. One minute she is with you the next you cant find her. Its when she is so quiet that we worry coz we know she is doing something. And i caught her in one of her in the act of getting into the cabinet full of pots and pans. This was morning of Thanksgiving before everyone arrived at the house and mom and I were busy getting things in order. Both mom and I took a break and watched a little t.v and sat down in the family room when i noticed that Kaitlyn was missing and was so quiet. I knew she was doing something so i went on a hunt to look for her and behold, i caught her in the act trying to get into the pots and pan cabinet. She has a surprised guilty look about her face. My little trouble maker!


I went to the Christiana Mall for the first time ever. I didn't get to go yesterdays black Friday since i had family visiting and we got so tired and full from eating. They left late yesterday and i miss them already. Kaitlyn has been a little under the weather lately and yesterday she had a slight fever which we blame on maybe her teeth coming out. This morning she still had a slight fever so she didn't come with me since MIL volunteered to watch her. They dropped me off at the mall shortly before 12 noon. MIL told me to take my time and just look around and make sure i buy something for myself. I had hubby's card but i didn't go ballistic and just buy anything i want. After 3 hrs. I finally called MIL and i heard the baby crying in the background and so cranky, i told her to pick me up at the same place they dropped me off. When i go in the car MIL was a little bit peeved why i only bought 3 items,hehehe.. She wanted me to buy stuff for myself and not worry about the cost for once. I told her i didn't want to spend to much and go overboard but i did buy a dress for me, shoes for Kayla and jumper snowsuit for Kaitlyn. I felt guilty though coz Kaitlyn was running a high fever when we got home. Her fever spiked up to 102.6 her face was so flushed and her eyes watery. Thank God she is doing much better now, ill have to keep a close eye on her tonight and keep checking her temperature.


The Roasted Pig is often seen in Filipino gatherings or party back home in the Philippines and even here abroad. If there is a filipino there will always be Roasted Pig or what we bisaya call " inasal " tagalog call " lechon ". I missed the lechon so bad the first time i came here. Luckily i go invited to one of my friends party. They had "inasal" and my did i eat like a pig, pardon the pun. The crisp outer skin of the pig dipped in vinegar with chopped onions and garlic. The rib is the best part and the tastiest of all. The left over meats,and skins can be cooked again this time with vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, a little soy sauce and oil. Makes me hungry thinking about it.Im off to the kitchen for now, ill be eating the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner.

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