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Monday, December 8, 2008


Its been two years that we have moved in this house but yet we still have unpacked boxes in the basement. The basement is not finished and is overflowing with an accumulation of junk, old stuff, new stuff, boxes. You would not believe how messy it is down there. Today Ralph finally got us doing some clearing up of the basement, we still haven't finished yet since that baby was with us and would not allow us to clean up. Finally the baby is down for her nap and will probably sleep for 2 hours, cross my fingers and we will continue with what we stated earlier. Hopefully in 2-5 years we will have the basement finished so it will add value to the house and give us another room for the kids or even a guest room. We still have a lot of projects and improvement to do with the house but we are doing it one at a time. As the saying goes " slowly but surely"


Ana Flooring said...

It’s my problem too. I have been there when we move to our new house also. Yup! Just take it slow, there would be a proper time for it.


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