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Monday, December 8, 2008


Smokey my MIL's cat is fat, lazy and mean. Even with all this everybody still loves him specially the baby. She would follow him everywhere and tries to give him hugs and kisses all the time. Smokey has this disposition that he will only come to you at his convenience and will swat, hiss and scratch you if his not in the mood. He has scratched the baby a couple of times on the side of the face already but nothing really major. About 5 days ago Smokey finally did something,he bit the baby on the forearm. He was getting annoyed at the baby trying to give him some loving and just kept pushing on his back. I just turned my head when i heard the baby crying and holding her arm. I thought he just scratched her so i pulled up her sleeve but could not find a mark but the baby was still crying hard. I pulled up the sleeve further and saw two puncture wound on her arm. It was a bite mark, Smokey finally gave in and bit her. Good thing it really didn't penetrate the skin but left indents of his fangs. When the baby saw the cat again she screamed right at him, she was so angry screaming at him,lol.. Now i don't take chances of leaving her with Smokey. They still both love each other.



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