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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Do you have a sweet tooth? Are there times where you just crave for something sinfully sweet that even if you know its bad you still want it and would eat it over and over again until you have your fill? Well I do and so does my husband. I was also thinking about my step dad since he loves to eat anything that is sweet specially if its (Biko) sweet rice with caramel or something like that. Eating to much sweets has got to be bad for the health and could put us at risk for the dreaded diabetes. I have got to start cleaning up my act about eating healthy for the sake of my kids and also for me. For people like me we don't necessarily have to stop eating that sinfully sweet cake when you use Erythritol. Its a product of Emerald Forest which is a natural sweetener that is not only safe for our teeth but is also safe for people with diabetes. Ralph's brother has diabetes so this is actually good for him so he can still enjoy the sweetness without worrying about his blood sugar going up.


Tomorrow will be the day we take the kids to Christiana Mall to see Santa Claus. I'm very curious to see what Kaitlyn's reaction to be seeing Santa and being on his lap now that she has a perception of who are family and who are strangers. It will be very very interesting to see if she will freak out or flirt with Santa, lol. My day was spent folding most of Kaitlyn's clothes and thinking were and when will she be able to wear her hand me downs from her cousins. I still haven't finished putting away all the clothes since i got so bored with folding and i hate it! Doing laundry is never ending, one minute everything is washed, folded and put away the next there is a whole mountain pile of soiled clothes to be washed again! Will there be a day where there are no clothes in the laundry basket? That would be a miracle if that happens.


For the past weeks i have not really been feeling up to par. Then i realized that i am so stressed out with everything. As a stay at home mom i deal with everything in the house, with the cleaning, cooking, organizing, baby duty and all that stuff not to mention the stress of worrying about my husband while he is at work. I need something to help me cope and manage my daily activities without overwhelming me into getting stressed. I wish i could go to a place where they have stress speaker and just have someone who can I talk to and can help me out. The Stress Institute is a site where i got to read about the effects of stress and how to manage them. Stress can affect your health and well being and what is so wonderful about it is they explain our healthy can be affected by the stress and how it can be managed and avoided. I never thought that stress could do so much damage to my health, my life and family as a whole. Being a stay at home mom is not an easy feat as i thought it would be, but with my new found knowledge i have the edge of overcoming my stress and learning how deal with it. So to all parents out there you are not alone, we can deal with it and live a happy stress free life.


Yesterday was not only cold but very windy. You could hear the howling and whistling of the wind outside. I didn't want to go out but i had no choice, hubby already left to do some overtime and i had to pick up Kayla at the bus stop. To make matters worse, i had to bring the baby with me in the blistering cold since MIL had a doctors appointment and had to leave. Leaving the baby in the house is totally out of the question. Kaitlyn loves going outside and i know she would enjoy going out to pick her big sister at the bus stop. Before it was time for us to go i made sure the baby was bundled up warmly and of course me. When we got out she was so happy and just wanted to walk and walk, if i picked her up she would wiggle to get down. Every time a big wind would come she would giggle and smile, she loved the cold wind on her face. I was freezing my butt off at the bus stop but there she was all smiles and happy walking around. I wish i had my children's tolerance for the cold.


With today's failing economy and on the brink of recession we need all the help and resources we can get. As a homemaker you have to make adjustments in spending on things that are wants and the needs. My husband was divorced and with that he has been carrying an excess baggage of debts that needs to be paid and taken care of.We need a way to get rid of his debt without sacrificing on important stuff. We have already cut down on our spending and switched to another cellphone provider just so we can manage our bills and start paying off his debts. I spoke to him about Debt Cosolidation to help us better manage our money problem. The site offers a great deal of resources on how to better manage debts and is explained down to the very last detail. Ralph is the one who takes care and budgets the money and he needs help on how to manage his credit card debt, how to get student loan debt consolidation and they have many more resources you can choose from that can help you. Hopefully by the end of next year we will be over and done with all this debts and we can stop worrying about our growing debt.

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