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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Do you have a sweet tooth? Are there times where you just crave for something sinfully sweet that even if you know its bad you still want it and would eat it over and over again until you have your fill? Well I do and so does my husband. I was also thinking about my step dad since he loves to eat anything that is sweet specially if its (Biko) sweet rice with caramel or something like that. Eating to much sweets has got to be bad for the health and could put us at risk for the dreaded diabetes. I have got to start cleaning up my act about eating healthy for the sake of my kids and also for me. For people like me we don't necessarily have to stop eating that sinfully sweet cake when you use Erythritol. Its a product of Emerald Forest which is a natural sweetener that is not only safe for our teeth but is also safe for people with diabetes. Ralph's brother has diabetes so this is actually good for him so he can still enjoy the sweetness without worrying about his blood sugar going up.


Anonymous said...

We are not getting any younger, you are right stop eating sweets before its too late, but i think its not that bad if we taste a little once in a while lol. My hubby likes chocolate a lot im glad he doesnt have dia yet, i should tell him to minimize it beforeits too late.

Davida said...

This is good to know. My husband LOVES sweets. Having alternatives to all that unhealthy sugar may keep him from developing an illness such as diabetes.


Michelle said...

I'm a huge junk food junkie. I just love chocolate. I try to be careful most of the time because there is Diabetes in my family. It's a scary disease. Sometimes I do end up falling off the wagon. LOL!


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