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Friday, March 13, 2009


Buying presents or stuff for other people is fun and challenging. You try to outdo yourself all the time by guessing what they would like to get. Next month is going to be my mom's 48th birthday. I hope my step dad get or find something my mom would really want. I know that like most men, he will get confuse on what to get her. I should probably tell him about this great gift ideas that my mom would really love to receive on her birthday. He will have a lot of choices ranging from electronic gadgets, flowers, perfume and many more. Ever since I left the Philippines, our constant form of communication is via the Internet hence the usefulness of the computer. Getting her a laptop at an affordable prize would be the perfect gift. I have not really showered my family with presents last year but I'm going to try to make up for it this year. My older sister is also celebrating her 32nd birthday this July and the nintendo Wii will be great for her. She might loose weight in a fun and different way and get my mom to exercise as well. Having a Nintendo wii ourselves, I'm absolutely sure they will have a blast playing with it.


Yesterday was a day of fun for all of use. When Kayla got home from school we played the Wii game and just laughed. I promised Kayla I would bake a cake for her and baby sister. I did manage to make the cake, it was my sister's recipe the "tie breaker cake". However I think my cake didnt come out as good as my sisters but it was still good. MIL on the other hand liked it a lot. So here is a picture of my little hams with the cake the I baked. Of course they gotta have candles to blow on the cake, lol.. For the complete recipe of this delicious cake head on over to INSANELYCHAY


This year my MIL just became a great great grandmother. She was so ecstatic to find out that her first grandson is going to be a dad. Of course like most parents she was worried how Andrew would be able to support his growing family. Andrew just got over a very trying time in his life and he has gotten himself together. He now has a good head on his shoulder and is working hard to make up for all the bad mistakes he had made. Seeing my MIL so excited for the birth of her great grandchild is contagious. I was thinking of making the newest member in the Schifano family extra special by getting a Birth Announcements. This will be a way of announcing and telling the world of Andrews new commitment, his new strength and his hope. With holiday photo cards you can have your choice of picture to have customized to fit any season. They also make customized wedding invitations, wedding announcements and other special occasions. With photo cards that are of high quality gloss photographs this will surely become a keepsake worth treasuring.


Being married to a husband who is in Law Enforcement make me one heck of a nervous wife, lol. I do worry about the safety of my husband and I get in a tizzy when he doesn't call to check in on us. Sure the shifting schedule is a bummer but he really enjoys upholding the law and making sure that our City will one day safe enough for all the young kids. Ralph has been a Police Officer for the City of Wilmington for about 8 years now and he loves the job. He also loves the gears and equipment he gets that comes along with the job. When he got his motorcycle riding qualification last year he got new gears. He is still in the look out though for the newest tactical gears and I told him that he should look into 5.11 Tactical Equipment. They have everything from gears, knives,clothing, footwear, field gear and many more. Getting a clothing gear that is not only comfortable but functional as well is important to him. I'm sure he will find a lot of interesting gears just for his needs.


A few months ago a did a post about this guy who did an excellent job of dancing along to the music video of Beyonce's " Single Ladies". I just love the way he dances and he just exudes confidence and is really a good dancer. Today, I just found out that he is Shane Mercado and he had been guest to the Bonny Hunt Show. But Im not going to post about his appearance there. Did you know that he finally got to meet Beyonce in person? Yup he did and Beyonce was so gracious in her compliments and was genuinely glad to see him. Here is that video :

I'm so glad for Shane and I hope to see him dance with Beyonce one of this days.

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