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Friday, March 13, 2009


Being married to a husband who is in Law Enforcement make me one heck of a nervous wife, lol. I do worry about the safety of my husband and I get in a tizzy when he doesn't call to check in on us. Sure the shifting schedule is a bummer but he really enjoys upholding the law and making sure that our City will one day safe enough for all the young kids. Ralph has been a Police Officer for the City of Wilmington for about 8 years now and he loves the job. He also loves the gears and equipment he gets that comes along with the job. When he got his motorcycle riding qualification last year he got new gears. He is still in the look out though for the newest tactical gears and I told him that he should look into 5.11 Tactical Equipment. They have everything from gears, knives,clothing, footwear, field gear and many more. Getting a clothing gear that is not only comfortable but functional as well is important to him. I'm sure he will find a lot of interesting gears just for his needs.


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