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Friday, March 13, 2009


Buying presents or stuff for other people is fun and challenging. You try to outdo yourself all the time by guessing what they would like to get. Next month is going to be my mom's 48th birthday. I hope my step dad get or find something my mom would really want. I know that like most men, he will get confuse on what to get her. I should probably tell him about this great gift ideas that my mom would really love to receive on her birthday. He will have a lot of choices ranging from electronic gadgets, flowers, perfume and many more. Ever since I left the Philippines, our constant form of communication is via the Internet hence the usefulness of the computer. Getting her a laptop at an affordable prize would be the perfect gift. I have not really showered my family with presents last year but I'm going to try to make up for it this year. My older sister is also celebrating her 32nd birthday this July and the nintendo Wii will be great for her. She might loose weight in a fun and different way and get my mom to exercise as well. Having a Nintendo wii ourselves, I'm absolutely sure they will have a blast playing with it.


Brandi said...

I soooo want a Wii!

Reanaclaire said...

great post here about gifts..


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