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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As a Mother and a Stepmom ,how do yo prepare yourself from questions like

" how come she has two mommies",
"why do we have different mommies?",
" why is my mommy not here" ,
"what is a stepmom"
These are just few of the question i fear to hear and dont really know how to answer. I got my test on the first question. My husband's nieces are staying with us for the week. Ashley whose 8 yrs old asked me in a very serious way "how come she has two mommies?" pertaining to my stepdaugther kayla. I was caught offguard that i just gave her a lame answer.I told her that i was Kayla's stepmom and that her mommy lives somewhere else. And she proceeded to ask me why Kayla would want to stay here rather than her mommy. I just said she wants to be with her daddy,baby sister ,grandma,me and her cuzns. Its not that she doesnt love her mommy any less she just wants to be with her daddy and baby sister more.
I thought i was going to hear this questions from my stepdaughter herself but she is just 5 yrs old. The first few days that she saw her baby sister she was so confused as to who her baby sister's mom was. She had a hard time understanding why i was her baby sister's mommy.At her age she will one day ask me one or all of those questions.
If Kayla would ask me now why she has two mommies i would answer her this way
you didnt live in my belly when you were still a baby like your sister Kaitlyn.but when i met you,you grew in my heart. I am your second mommy.Became one from the day you first gave me a hug.
I just hope that what i tell her will be enough to answer her questions.
If whoever reads and were asked this questions, what would your answer be?

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