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Friday, November 28, 2008


I have always been amazed at how some people particularly housewives deal with the family finances on how to save a whole lot of money specially on the every growing grocery bill. I have seen a women who swear and lives by coupon and are called coupon ladies. This women didn't just get discount on item but got a better deal, instant savings. Ever since knowing that it could be done i have been hooked. I got my first try using coupons at our local grocery store. Also i thought coupons was only for food products or items that's not entirely the case, with ACDSee promotional codes its basically instant cash savings on all items ranging from clothing, to electronic gadgets, to baby cloths, toys, jewelries and many many more. With today's failing economy and treat of recession we need all the help we can get. Gone were the days were you have to wait for the regular or Sunday papers to get and cut off coupons, there is a better solution online coupons can be downloaded and printed right at your very one house and the most wonderful part about it is, you get your items with instant big buck savings. Its fairly easy and quick to do, just browse through all the categories and choose coupons you want to use and viola your done. For a fast quick easy savings get a coupon its free...


This was the first time my cousin Wingwing and her family came over to visit me. I was probably 3-4 months pregnant that time and i had called her telling her i was depressed since i was always sick due to the pregnancy. She packed up her family and flew all the was from Chicago to come and see me and to cook me something i have been craving for, pochero. As you can see we still didnt have a deck back then and the backyard was still big since we didnt have the pool yet. I was so happy that she came for me, even though it was only a short visit i was thankful for that. I love you nang weng and also your kids...


As a police officers wife I know how important it is for my husband to get the right gear when he is on duty. It has to be not just any gear or quipment it has to be build and made to withstand anything and of durable materials. That is why Surefire is one of the name brand makers of tactical gears, equipments that he would trust to get his stuff like the Surefire Rechargeable Flashlights. He know that they are the best of the best that is rugged, durable and tested. When you use an equipment life the flashlight on an everyday visit you make you that you get the best in the market. And for sure they are the best.


It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday and it was time for family and food!!! MIL and I were busy preparing the house and some of the food the night before but still end up cooking a lot of stuff on the day itself. We were suppose to eat my 4 p.m. but ended up eating after 5. It was so fun to see my family again and it made me so happy and so proud to be able to host the Thanksgiving Dinner. There was a lot of people but we made it through the Dinner without any incident at all. It was too bad that my stepdaughter Kayla was not here to celebrate with us. My niece who is turning 5 yrs old and the other one 3 yrs. old were looking for her. She even help her mommy pick out Kayla's present that she was going to give her personally. Next Thanksgiving it will be different, she will be with us.

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