The Designers Chic

Friday, November 28, 2008


It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday and it was time for family and food!!! MIL and I were busy preparing the house and some of the food the night before but still end up cooking a lot of stuff on the day itself. We were suppose to eat my 4 p.m. but ended up eating after 5. It was so fun to see my family again and it made me so happy and so proud to be able to host the Thanksgiving Dinner. There was a lot of people but we made it through the Dinner without any incident at all. It was too bad that my stepdaughter Kayla was not here to celebrate with us. My niece who is turning 5 yrs old and the other one 3 yrs. old were looking for her. She even help her mommy pick out Kayla's present that she was going to give her personally. Next Thanksgiving it will be different, she will be with us.



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