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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I got my very own cellphone about 5 months ago and still i don't have the nice ring tones that would love to have. Sure my cellphone is pre-loaded with ring tones but its not the latest ring tones that are coming out. I would love to have ring tones of my favorite artist. I have searched for sometime now where to download free ring tones and i just found it at free ringtones.They have all the types of ring tones like the monophonic ring tones, polyphonic and the real music ring tones. The have a wide selections of ring tones from you favorite artist, bands, groups. The have hip hop, r&b and many many more. They even soundtracks from your favorite shows that you love to watch. The best thing about it its free and its compatible to almost all cellphone carriers. My niece is under the T-mobile carrier and with this she can download her favorite songs at free t-mobile ringtones. As a teenager I'm sure she will jump right at this. As for my brother in-law that has Larry the Cable guy as his ring tone maybe he will one to replace it. he happens to keep on buying ring tones, he can get them now for free at free Verizon ringtones. Hey, I'm not done just yet they also have cool ring tones for sprint carriers and I'm pretty sure that Ralph will want to get a new ring tone for his phone since he loves Latin music at free Sprint ringtones.Now i can download the latest ring tones out there without having to pay for it. And its so easy to do, just pick your mobile carrier, inter your cellphone, verify your pin and you can choose the ring tones you want. Don't just take my word for it, go visit and give it a try.


Davida said...

You know what--I can't stand to hear a phone ring! I used to have fancy ringtones until one day I just got sick of them. I mostly keep my phone on silent or vibrate. Sure, I miss calls--but, that's just fine with me. I'm weird like that, I guess.



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