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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Have you noticed that we , the law and the world have double standards when it comes to certain things? Some are more acceptable and forgivable when it comes to the mistakes and choices that we make.

INFIDELITY * wikipedia * - Can be defined as any violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules of boundaries of a relationship, and is a breach of faith in an interpersonal relationship.

When a woman commits adultery she is branded with a scarlet letter proclaiming her sinful act but when it comes to a man committing adultery "its due to him just being a man". That is just plain preposterous and damn right wrong. A sin is a sin no matter how you look at it. Its wrong to make excuses just because of someones gender. What is so different from a woman committing adultery versus a man? Why do we as a society more accepting and more forgiving to a man committing adultery? What is your say in it?


Growing up in a small town had its advantages, everybody knows everybody. There was more clean fresh air, plenty of fresh fruits. Having a paternal grandparents that owns a construction and supply business was fun, we got to play with wood and we also had each dump trucks named after us, how cool was that. Now almost all my uncles and aunts on my dad's side of the family are involved in the constructions business and they are all successful at it. A couple of my cousins are engineers to help out there parents with the business. One summer i got to visit one of my uncles construction site and it was magnificent. You see this piece of land buzzing with activities from people hammering to men using heavy equipment to do the job. There was an equipment for digging, dump trucks and backhoes. It was a dangerous place for someone like me who had no idea how things worked. My uncle gave me a quick tour and showed me how each equipment works. He also stressed out the importance of getting hogg davis trailers
since they are the best in heavy equipment. And like my uncle said if you want a construction job done fast, clean, smooth and right getting the best heavy equipment is the key. Owning an equipment like these are easy since they have a rent-to-purchase plan with a wide range of equipments available to choose from. Working with the best will finish the job done in no time.


For almost a weeks i haven't had decent sleep. After doing my blog and drops at night Ralph usually challenges me to a game of golf or bowling on the Wii game. We would end up going to sleep after midnight which is not good since i have to wake up at 6:45 in the morning on school days. At first i was wondering why my eyes was always burning and it just felt dry. My eyes was telling me i needed it rest and not stay on the computer to long or sleeping late. We have also been trying to have both girls sleep in the same room. The other day was in Kaitlyn's room after Kayla woke up i just told her to sleep in baby sister's room and she did. Last night they slept in Kayla's room this time. Kayla woke up around 2 am and went in our room, Ralph had to put her back in her room with Kaitlyn.

I have been a mess for the last couple of days, i just found out I'm the one that needs to wean myself from sleeping with Kaitlyn. I couldn't sleep thinking she was not beside me. Those two days that both girls sleep together i ended up sleeping with them. Ralph is amused that I'm sleeping beside him in the bed and the next I'm gone. I'm a mother and i worry about Kaitlyn and i just get more sleep knowing they are beside me.

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