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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


For almost a weeks i haven't had decent sleep. After doing my blog and drops at night Ralph usually challenges me to a game of golf or bowling on the Wii game. We would end up going to sleep after midnight which is not good since i have to wake up at 6:45 in the morning on school days. At first i was wondering why my eyes was always burning and it just felt dry. My eyes was telling me i needed it rest and not stay on the computer to long or sleeping late. We have also been trying to have both girls sleep in the same room. The other day was in Kaitlyn's room after Kayla woke up i just told her to sleep in baby sister's room and she did. Last night they slept in Kayla's room this time. Kayla woke up around 2 am and went in our room, Ralph had to put her back in her room with Kaitlyn.

I have been a mess for the last couple of days, i just found out I'm the one that needs to wean myself from sleeping with Kaitlyn. I couldn't sleep thinking she was not beside me. Those two days that both girls sleep together i ended up sleeping with them. Ralph is amused that I'm sleeping beside him in the bed and the next I'm gone. I'm a mother and i worry about Kaitlyn and i just get more sleep knowing they are beside me.


Chubskulit Rose said...

our daughter slept with me for about 2 years and hubby sleep in different room hehehe but when we transferrred here in Korea, she suddently changed.. she wanted her won bed...


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